This ultra-high-comfort mattress combines the benefits of our proven Gomtex® foam with state-of-the-art pocket spring technology.
The result is an unparalleled point elasticity, along with a floating, light, elastic feeling when you lie down and a comfortable bedroom environment. The high-quality, tapered pocket springs help you to thoroughly relax every night. With their ‘sandwich’ design, they are covered with a supple layer of Gomtex® and arranged in seven ergonomic comfort zones.





Gomtex® with pocket spring: Gomtex® combined with pocket springs unites the qualities of two materials: highly flexible, subtle alignment as well as dynamism and point elasticity. The blend of the properties and the dimensioning of the material provide a comfortable feeling. The seamless transitions ensure point-elastic lying comfort and soft support. The core is CFC and formaldehyde free.


fresh & free

fresh & free

The padding dries much faster than the conventional materials thanks to the excellent humidity regulation. A better evacuation of the body fluid is therefore guaranteed. The body has a much lower energy consumption to cool down and thus can enjoy an even more comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.
The synthetic cover is washable up to 60°C, stays odourless and is resistant to bacteria and mould. Perfect for those with high standards of hygiene and those with dust-mite allergies.


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