Swissflex® Box: Comfortable bed system with box spring look

With the Swissflex® Box, you get an innovative bed system in the trendy box spring look. Box spring beds are conquering bedrooms worldwide with their spacious look and comfortable height. If you like the typical design of a box spring bed but prefer the comfort of a high-quality bed system consisting of a slat base and mattress, the Swissflex® Box is precisely what you are looking for. 

Instead of a base with pocket springs, the Swissflex® Box has an adaptable bridge® slat base - for interactive suspension comfort across the entire lying surface. Thanks to individual design options, you have complete control over the look of your dream bed, from the headboard to the bed feet. Discover your comfortable bed system in the popular box spring look and enjoy incomparable sleeping comfort just the way you like it! 




Swissflex® Box uni 22 bridge®

The ideal choice for sophisticated individuals: The Swissflex® Box uni 22 bridge® luxury bed brings a new level of comfort to your bedroom. Thanks to the unique high-tech box system with proven bridge® technology, you benefit from interactive spring comfort across the entire lying surface.

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Swissflex® Box uni 14 bridge®

A high-quality bed that combines innovative comfort with a modern design: The Swissflex® box uni 14 bridge® offers refined details in a classic box spring look. Instead of a pocket spring core, it is combined with a uni 14 bridge® slat base.

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Swissflex® Box uni 08

Wonderful design at an unbeatable price: Discover the Swissflex® Box uni 08. The bed with integrated slat base is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in your bedroom thanks to its modern box spring look!

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Swissflex® Box – Your individual bed system

Special features

What is special about the Swissflex® Box?

The Swissflex® Box combines the best of both worlds: The excellent body adaptation and pressure relief of a slat base with the popular box spring look. With this bed system you benefit from the patented bridge® technology of the upholstered slat base. This creates an oasis of well-being that promotes an ergonomic posture of the spine and pampers you from head to toe with unique lying comfort. Thanks to numerous configuration options, you can even tailor your dream bed to your exact preferences in every detail.



How is the Swissflex® Box bed system composed?

The innovative Swissflex® Box bed system is all about the upholstered box with integrated bridge® technology. The special bridge® spring elements give the bed an automatic body adaptation and thus enable heavenly lying comfort. No matter which sleeping position you prefer - the slat base reacts sensitively to every movement and pampers you with soothing pressure relief. 

The Swissflex® Box is available as a 2- or 4-motor version. Not only can the head and back sections be adjusted to your desired sitting or lying position, but the bed system can also be adjusted separately in the upper and lower leg areas. And all of this is done conveniently via remote control. Put your legs up and make yourself comfortable!

Individuality is a top priority with the Swissflex® Box: Choose your favorite from three decorative headboards, round off the design with bed feet of your choice and choose a color shade from our versatile fabric collection that harmonizes perfectly with your interior style.

Matress and Topper

Can I add mattress and topper to the bed system?

Your new bed system will be complemented with a matching mattress from Swissflex. For example, you can choose the SF Hybrid 18 Deco upholstered mattress. The 7-zone core made of pocket springs and foam enables a weightless lying feeling and is available in soft, medium and firm degrees of firmness. In addition, the mattress can be purchased with a fabric cover from the entire Swissflex fabric collection.

Whether you want to combine a topper with the Swissflex® Box depends entirely on your personal sleeping needs. In the typical Scandinavian box spring bed, the topper creates a wonderfully soft connection between the body and the mattress, providing that extra dose of coziness. In addition, a topper can complement the breathability of the bed system. Our tip for sophisticated connoisseurs: round off your desired lying comfort with a Modula topper!


In which sizes is the bed system available?

Of course, the bed system must also fit into your bedroom. Therefore, measure the available space in your bedroom meticulously before deciding on a purchase. The Swissflex® Box bed system is available in all common standard sizes from a lying surface of 80x200 cm up to 200x200 cm. Regardless of whether you sleep alone or with a partner, you can enjoy the dreamlike comfort of this premium bed to the fullest. For tall people, we also offer custom lengths of 210 cm and 220 cm.


What design options are available for Swissflex® Box?

If you want to buy a bed system that perfectly matches your interior style, you are well advised to choose the Swissflex® Box. Here, you can choose the look yourself, from head to toe. Discover numerous exciting design options and configure your dream bed step by step!
Fabric collection
With over 50 exciting shades of colors, the new fabric collection from Swissflex offers you enough creative scope to realize your vision of the perfect sleeping oasis. From subtle earth tones that harmonize wonderfully with the straightforward design of Swissflex® Box, to exciting contrasts with dark anthracite or black. The comfortable bed system cuts an excellent figure in all color nuances.

For the typically imposing box spring look, a luxurious headboard cannot be missing. With the Swissflex® Box, you can choose your favorite from three decorative variants - each in the low or high version. "Peking" impresses with reduced forms in a minimalist design. The slim "Paris" headboard is a sophisticated eye-catcher in the bedroom with its contrasting web seams. Madrid" also has a lot to offer visually: The noble decorative knobs perfectly underline the classic elegance of the box spring design.

Bed feet
A small but nice detail: With the matching bed feet you round off your personal box spring look. Wooden feet look wonderfully natural and match a wide variety of interior styles. Stylish metal feet in black or chrome are also perfect for adding the finishing touches to your new bed system. Timelessly modern is the floating look, where the bed feet are offset inward. Which option appeals to you?