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04. August 2022

Homemade remedies against mosquitoes are no good? In times of modern anti-mosquito plugs with ultrasound, traditional methods seem to be more and more forgotten. But old-fashioned homemade remedies can certainly help combat the pesky bloodsuckers. We present you the best mosquito repellents.

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01. August 2022

When it comes to bedroom furnishings, we want to be guided entirely by our own ideas. But what if your creative ideas are limited by the size of the room? The solution is to focus on space-saving beds. We present the most beautiful beds which allow you to create a small oasis of well-being even with little available space.

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28. July 2022

Almost everyone has experienced leg cramps at night before. Suddenly you feel a twinge in your calf and a sharp pain startles you out of your sleep. Here you can find out what causes leg cramps at night and how you can successfully prevent them. 

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15. July 2022

Nothing makes a morning as cozy as a brunch. To make it extra special, our delicious brunch ideas are just what you need. Whether you enjoy brunch as a couple or in a large group of friends – there is something for every gourmet on our list.

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07. July 2022

Do you often feel a pinching and pulling in your back when you wake up in the morning? Can you at times hardly stand up because of the pain? We explain how a good mattress and physical well-being are connected and how you can avoid pain during the night in the future.

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  • wellness
29. June 2022

Wellness at home will never be as nice as in a luxurious spa? Then you haven't experienced our at-home relaxation program yet! Thanks to homemade care products, feel-good baths, and accessories for a truly cozy bed, you can pamper your body and soul as if you were in wellness paradise.

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23. June 2022

When your thoughts keep spinning and counting sheep no longer helps, there's another secret weapon: podcasts to fall asleep to. Melodious voices distract you from your own thoughts and you can kiss sleep problems goodbye. We'll tell you what you need to watch out for to get to the land of dreams quickly.

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21. June 2022

Bedroom plants create a friendly atmosphere and even promote a healthy room climate. Stuffy air and lack of CO2 in the bedroom are a common cause for sleepless nights. This is exactly where bedroom plants can help. Find out here, how plants improve the room climate and which plants are especially well suited for the bedroom.

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16. June 2022

The slat base 120x200 cm is a very popular standard size, which perfectly suits single sleepers. Find out how the right slat base 120x200 cm can enhance the comfort properties of your mattress and give you an even more luxurious sleeping experience.

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