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22. November 2022

Sleepwalking is an exciting phenomenon - especially because the exact causes are still controversially discussed today. Those affected are in a twilight state in which they are able to perform complex actions despite their consciousness being "switched off". To be able to experience signs of sleep and wakefulness simultaneously defies all logic. And this is exactly what makes the phenomenon a fascinating object of research. Here you can find out which triggers promote the nocturnal excursions and which measures will help you regain a better quality of sleep. 

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  • Gut einschlafen
11. November 2022

You're wondering why you should look into sleeping positions as a couple if you're in a relationship? It's simple: The latest research findings can offer you interesting conclusions about the happiness of your relationship.

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  • bedroom plants
  • room climate
  • sleeping climate
04. November 2022

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep quickly, you should pay more attention to the humidity in your bedroom. If it is too high or too low, your well-being will suffer in addition to the room climate. We will tell you how you can regulate the humidity in your bedroom and achieve an all-round restful sleep experience, so that you can enjoy healthy sleep in the future.

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  • winter
  • travel
  • travel ideas
28. October 2022

Some destinations are even more beautiful in winter than in summer. We provide you with a list of the 5 most beautiful winter resorts.

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  • buy a mattress
  • buying a mattress
  • mattress
25. October 2022

The mattress is the basis for pure relaxation and thus an essential component for restful sleep. Since you usually sleep on the same one for many years, it is especially important to make sure that you buy a mattress that suits you perfectly. Various factors are important, for example the firmness level, the size and the mattress core.

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  • good sleep
  • sleep quality
  • sleep phases
  • sleep cycle
16. October 2022

Sleep is an exciting topic because it is so important, but at the same time complex and individual. Especially the different sleep phases are often the focus of science. We reveal fascinating knowledge about your sleep cycle and how you can recognize truly good sleep.

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  • lighting
  • bedroom lighting
  • good sleep
  • healthy sleep
07. October 2022

No sleep due to too much light: Light pollution is a modern problem that affects our well-earned night's rest. When the streetlight shines through the window or a neon sign flashes regularly, our quality of sleep suffers. But what can you do about the negative impact of light pollution?

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  • Bed sheet
  • box-spring bed
  • cover
  • sheet
27. September 2022

Congratulations! If a modern box spring bed has found its way into your bedroom, you are one of the absolute trendsetters when it comes to interior design. However, switching to a box-spring bed often means getting new sheets as well. This is because box-spring mattresses are usually higher than other mattresses. We will explain which buying criteria you should pay attention to.

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  • healthy sleep
  • better sleep
  • dreams
  • sleep problems
22. September 2022

Nightmares can really spoil our well-deserved sleep. In general, bad dreams are not that unusual, at least as long as they do not constantly interfere with your sleep and permanently rob you of your rest. Find out how nightmares occur and what you can do to combat them. 

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