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19. January 2022

When you can no longer sleep in any comfortable position, it is time to think about a new mattress. An on-site mattress consultation is different from an online consultation in several essential aspects. Find out which one of these two services will lead you to your personal dream mattress.

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14. January 2022

How does your perfect start into the day looks like? Sleeping in late, waking up relaxed and cuddling with your partner for a while – there is probably no better way to start the day. With a breakfast in bed, you can treat yourself with a moment to enjoy. Whether you eat alone, with your partner or the whole family, this feel-good ritual ensures a good mood for everyone.

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03. January 2022

Which trend colors 2022 reflect the latest interior trends and provide variety in home furnishings? Find out everything you need to know about the trend colors 2022 and enjoy the new year in a particularly stylish interior design.

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27. December 2021

How do animals survive the cold winter? They come up with clever solutions! Hibernation is only one of them. Find out more about this phenomenon and which species fall into a deep sleep every winter.

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21. December 2021

During the Christmas season, we enjoy not only the shining lights everywhere, the Christmas tree and the anticipation of the holidays but also Christmas treats – either sweat or savory. We have collected our favorite recipes for the Christmas season.

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16. December 2021

The bed frame 180x200 is a true allrounder. Comfort and lots of space are combined, so that you can enjoy the generous lying surface by yourself or with your partner. Find out more about the bed frame 180x200, which advantages it offers and what kind of accessories you can use to complete your bedroom.

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13. December 2021

Christmas is one of the most beautiful celebrations of the whole year. To make sure that you do not come up empty-handed when celebrating with your loved ones, we have collected great Christmas gift ideas.

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08. December 2021

How we furnish our bedroom has a direct influence on our well-being. Surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere, switching off after an eventful day is much easier and a restful night's sleep is in sight. We provide you with inspiration the other way round by showing you typical “don’ts” in bedroom design.

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30. November 2021

Sufficient sleep is essential for our health and well-being. We are reminded of this when we have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night – and feel exhausted the next morning. Is there a solution? Natural sleep aids that contribute to an improved sleep quality might help.

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