SF Hybrid 26:

The perfect fusion for good sleep

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High-quality mattresses offer maximum comfort for sleepers with high demands. The SF Hybrid 26 mattress combines the advantages of a foam and a pocket spring mattress. The result is a mattress that adapts flexibly to the body, thus providing individual comfort and a wonderful lying sensation. Enjoy support and pressure relief from head to toe on the SF Hybrid 26.


7-zone comfort

The fusion of foam and pocket spring mattress is reflected in the SF Hybrid 26’s core structure. 7 comfort zones are perfectly adjusted to the needs of different body areas. For example, pocket springs in the shoulder area allow for relaxing pressure relief, while Gomtex® foam provides support in the back area. The three-layered middle zone is equipped with mini pocket springs for dynamic support in the pelvic area.

Changeable top-layer

You can change the top-layer of the SF Hybrid 26 depending on the season and your desired lying sensation. Three versions are available to complete the comfort of the high-quality mattress: Geltex®, latex or viscoelastic foam. Each of these three options creates a cuddly connection between body and mattress core. As a result, high mattresses with changeable top-layers like the SF Hybrid 26 let you create the unique sleeping comfort of your dreams.

Firmness degrees

The SF Hybrid 26 mattress is available in three firmness degrees that cater to your individual needs. Choose between soft for a gentle lying sensation, medium for balanced comfort and firm for a firm feeling.

Mattress cover

The perfect combination of foam and pocket spring mattress also includes a matching cover, thus making the SF Hybrid 26 a particularly convenient choice among our high-end mattresses. You can choose between the wool wash, the pure wash and the fresh & free ECO cover. The wool wash cover is quilted with sheep's wool, which increases the fluffy feel of the mattress. At the same time, the material is very breathable. The pure wash cover allows a very direct contact with the top-layer of the mattress and feels exceptionally pleasant on your skin. The fresh & free ECO cover provides you with a particularly fresh feeling thanks to its excellent moisture regulation. On top of that, it lets you enjoy a dry sleeping climate and wonderful freshness as the cover is washable at up to 60°C.

Technical features


Overall height: 26 cm
Core height: 20 cm
Top layer: 6 cm

Core structure:

Gomtex® foam and pocket spring core

Top layer:

Geltex®, visco or latex

Firmness degrees:

soft, medium or firm

Ergonomic zones:



Horizontally rotatable

Available sizes:

Length in cm: 190 / 200
Width in cm: 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200
Extra length in cm: 210 / 220

Cover variants

Swissflex® cover
wool wash

The wool wash cover is padded with sheep's wool and therefore fluffy soft.

Top fabric: Double jersey: 86% Polyester, 14% Viscose
Cushion: Sheep's wool
Mattress bottom side: Jersey: 66% Polyester, 34% Viscose
Care: Washable up to 40°C.
SEP® (shoulder relax plus): Yes (optional)
DUO (2 individual mattresses connected with one zip fastener): Yes (optional)

Swissflex® cover
pure wash

The pure wash cover feels pleasant on the skin and allows direct contact with the top layer of the mattress.

Mattress top side: Jersey: 69% Polyester, 30% Lyocell, 1% Elastane
Mattress bottom side: Jersey: 66% Polyester, 34% Viscose
Care: Washable up to 40°C
Removable with zip fastener: Yes
DUO (2 individual mattresses connected with one zip fastener): Yes (optional)

Swissflex® cover
fresh & free ECO

The allergy cover has been designed for 100% recycling. This new cover consists of recyclable polyester and can be fully fed back into the system without recycling losses and without any prior disassembly. For environmentally conscious customers.

Fabric: Double jersey, 100% Polyester
Cushion: Polyester hollow fibre, 100% Polyester
Care: Washable up to 60°C.
SEP® (shoulder relax plus): Yes (optional)
DUO (2 individual mattresses connected with one zip fastener): Yes (optional)