uni 14 bridge®:

The slatted base for effective support and relief

Adjustable head section
Adjustable head and foot section
Adjustable head, back and foot section
2 motors, radio remote control
4 motors, radio remote control

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The uni 14 bridge® slat base impresses with its sensitive adaptability and effective suspension effect. As a manually adjustable or electric slatted base, uni 14 bridge® provides even more comfort in your individual lying or sitting position.


Flexible suspension effect

On this slatted base you will experience a floating feeling when lying down – thanks to the innovative bridge® technology. The spring slats are connected to each other, so that the manually adjustable or electric slat base automatically and harmoniously adapts to the body. The result is relaxing relief in exactly the right places.

Shoulder comfort zone

The uni 14 bridge® slat base is equipped with a distinct shoulder comfort zone. It provides sufficient space for the shoulders to sink in well, especially when lying on your side. This is important for a relaxing sleeping position from head to toe.

Spring effect up to the edge

As a manually adjustable or electric slatted base, uni 14 bridge® is characterised by its inner frame construction. This means that the ends of the spring slats extend beyond the frame. This enables an unrestricted high spring capacity right up to the edge – and ensures comfort on the entire bed surface, even in a double bed.

Quality and durability

Quality is the top priority at Swissflex. You get to enjoy excellent sleeping comfort with the uni 14 bridge® slatted base, thanks to its high quality. The beech wood spring slats provide long lasting stability and reliable suspension.

Adjustment options

Lying even more comfortably or sitting in bed in a relaxed manner – that is what the various adjustment options are designed for. uni 14 bridge® is available as a manually adjustable or electric slatted base. Choose the version that meets your requirements for a relaxing evening and an even more restful night.

On feet, for installation or insertion

The uni 14 bridge® electric slat base can easily move into your bedroom, as there are three models to choose from. On feet, the slatted base is suitable for a free-standing bed design. If you already have a bed frame in a standard size, you can also install or insert uni 14 bridge®.

Technical features


To insert / to install / on feet

Adjustment options:

Manually or motor-adjustable
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Available sizes:

Length in cm: 190 / 200
Width in cm: 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200
Extra length in cm: 210 / 220

Special sizes:

To install / to insert: possible
On feet: not possible

Range of spring:

50 mm / bridge® technology on the entire lying surface