High-quality bed collection for restful sleep

With a bed from our high-quality bed collection you will bring exclusive comfort to your home. The bed is not only the visual focus of attention in the bedroom, it should also be the most comfortable place in your home. That is why we at Swissflex develop and produce beds that combine design and comfort. Discover relaxation on a whole new level!

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Now innovative comfort is dressed in the modern boxspring look: the Swissflex® Box bed systems combine the adaptable, pressure-relieving bridge® technology with the popular design of a boxspring bed.

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SF CLICK! is THE revolution in bed systems: compile your own ergonomic bed consisting of bed frame, slat base and mattress.

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swissbed silhouette spreads well-being through its unique appearance and individual design possibilities.

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Design and comfort are wonderfully combined in swissbed expression. The expressive bed frame design turns the bed into an absolute eye-catcher.

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Wonderful design at an unbeatable price: Discover the Swissflex® Box uni 08. The bed with integrated slat base is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in your bedroom thanks to its modern box spring look!

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A high-quality bed that combines innovative comfort with a modern design: The Swissflex® box uni 14 bridge® offers refined details in a classic box spring look. Instead of a pocket spring core, it is combined with a uni 14 bridge® slat base.

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The ideal choice for sophisticated individuals: The Swissflex® Box uni 22 bridge® luxury bed brings a new level of comfort to your bedroom. Thanks to the unique high-tech box system with proven bridge® technology, you benefit from interactive spring comfort across the entire lying surface.

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Bed technologies

Swissflex® Box – luxurious comfort in the box spring look

Box spring beds are trendy thanks to their comfort and modern design. The compact look of the box gives the bed a down-to-earth character. The Swissflex® Box from our superb bed collection also impresses with its exclusive look. Different designs match perfectly with elegant bedrooms. But beds with a Swissflex® Box can do even more! Where conventional box spring beds have a pocket spring core, the Swissflex® Box has a slat base with the innovative bridge® technology. This technology allows the high-quality beds from Swissflex to provide an exceptionally good sleeping comfort.

This unique type of slat base is highly sensitive. It immediately reacts to movements during sleep - and does so over the entire lying surface. For you, this means the most pleasant support and relaxing relief in a wide variety of sleeping positions. The bridge® technology is especially beneficial for the back and shoulders. If you are looking for a high-quality ergonomic bed, a Swissflex® Box bed is a safe choice.

A special highlight: Two or four motors are available for even more comfort when sleeping, but also when reading or watching TV in bed. Take full advantage of the possibilities to relax by elevating your legs or letting this high-quality bed comfortably support your back. Your sofa will certainly not be able to keep up with this cosy feeling!
A high-quality fabric collection and shapely headboards give the Swissflex® Box its wonderful charm. Choose the right option for your bedroom from various timeless designs. This way, you can create a place of pure relaxation - with Swissflex quality that can be seen and felt.

SF CLICK! – the customised bed

Would you like to buy a bed that precisely meets your expectations? Then the Swissflex bed collection is the right choice for you. With us, you can put together your sleeping system according to your wishes. You do not need to worry about whether the Swissflex slat base of your choice fits the size of the bed frame. Because that is exactly what SF CLICK! is for. It does not get more practical than this system: choose the bed frame you like best and combine it with a slat base and a mattress. The intelligent CLICK! system allows you to assemble this high-quality bed in less than ten minutes.

To make sure that the bed frame also fits into your bedroom perfectly, you can choose from various designs. The fabric-covered models look elegant and modern. The SF CLICK! models in wood create a natural look. Which design makes your heart beat faster?

High-quality bed frames – the eyecatcher in the bedroom

The bed frames from our Swissflex bed collection are real eyecatchers in your home - and they also offer various design options. Distinctive stylistic elements make the headboard and bed frame the perfect centrepiece of the bedroom. High-quality fabrics and sophisticated details such as decorative seams characterise the elegant aesthetics of Swissflex beds. Different feet do not only support the Swissflex beds securely, but also give the designs the finishing touch. To make it easier for you to lie down and get up, bed frames of different heights are available. The advantage of Swissflex: Our high-quality bed frames, mattresses and slat bases can be combined freely. Put together the comfort you want!

Your high-quality bed from Swissflex – simply feel good all around

Lie down in the evening, let your head rest on the pillow, close your eyes and simply relax - this is what the perfect end of the day looks like with a high-quality Swissflex bed. Our bed systems are a comprehensive basis for comfort for all those who do not want to compromise on good sleep quality. The bed frame, slat base and mattress are precisely geared to each other, resulting in a sleeping system that offers the best conditions for a good night’s sleep.