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Sleep systems for healthy sleep

Healthy sleep – Sleeping systems from Swissflex

At Swissflex you will find high-quality sleeping systems that help you get healthy sleep. Mattresses and slat bases form the core of our Swiss quality brand. Our product range is rounded off by toppers and pillows.

Select materials of the best quality, precise manufacturing and constant quality controls make Swissflex products a safe choice for everyone who values healthy sleep.

Swissflex – Quality Made in Switzerland

Your advantages with Swissflex:

Complete and well-thought-out bed systems for healthy sleep

Premium quality from the material to the processing

Patented technologies for ergonomic sleeping

Beds in trendy and individual designs


To lie comfortably and get healthy sleep, the right mattress is essential. Swissflex offers mattresses for a wide range of needs, because everyone has individual sleeping habits and preferences.

Soft and smooth mattresses of the series versa with GELTEX®, point-elastic versa natural latex mattresses and hybrid mattresses made of foam and pocket springs meet the needs of different sleep types. Each type of mattress has specific benefits, but they all have one thing in common: top quality. At Swissflex, every mattress is developed to provide the body with a comfortable and healthy sleeping position. Of course, you can also choose the degree of firmness that is most comfortable for you from a range of different options. Furthermore, durability is an important factor that Swissflex mattresses bring with them. Enjoy your healthy sleep night after night anew!

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Treat yourself to even more comfort with a Swissflex topper. The Swissflex toppers are especially suitable for those who love to lie on a soft surface. Three cores are available to complement your mattress.

The latex core, the GELTEX® blue foam core as well as the visco foam core fit perfectly to the body. The highlight for a sleeping system to feel good all around! Toppers are not only something for box spring beds - everyone can enjoy the extra sleeping comfort. In addition to the pleasant feeling, a topper provides an improved sleeping climate. The breathability enables the temperature to be balanced when sleeping so that you do not start sweating. This also lets you get healthy sleep!

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Slat bases

The slat base is the basis for your sleeping comfort and, in combination with the mattress, ensures an ergonomically healthy sleeping position. Swissflex slat bases impress with their reliable support and high adaptability.

Manually or electrically adjustable slat bases create even more comfort when reading or putting your feet up. A special highlight are our slat bases with the revolutionary bridge® technology: Here, you experience the highest possible individual adjustment - in combination with the mattress. The division into different zones gives special attention to sensitive body areas, such as shoulders, hips and back. Swissflex uni slat bases create a floating sensation when lying down and support the natural movements during sleep, which are important for circulation. Enjoy your night's rest completely carefree!

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The bed should fit in harmoniously with the bedroom furnishing and thus already provide visual well-being. Our Swissflex beds have this exact inviting effect. Discover the fantastic designs of the new Swissflex Box and of our unique bed frame concept Swissflex CLICK, which offers you many individual design options.

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The pillow also contributes to a restful night. Because with the right pillow, you provide helpful support to the neck in particular. Swissflex offers neck support pillows made of different materials, for example with a latex core, a visco core and a GELTEX® gel core.

These adapt flexibly to the shape of the head and their relieving effect prevents tension. The effect of a good pillow is underestimated all too often. Ideally, you try out a neck support pillow to feel the difference. If you wake up without tension in your neck or shoulders, you can start the day much fitter. Healthy sleep needs a high-quality pillow!

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