Evo Swiss foam mattresses

Sustainable comfort from Switzerland 

The innovative Evo Swiss foam mattresses from Swissflex embody Swiss premium comfort. The mattress cores are made of 100% EvoPure foam and are divided into 7 zones to meet the needs of individual body regions. However, the supportive, pressure-relieving foam not only ensures a comfortable comfort experience but is also an important step towards sustainability. Thanks to the mono-material-mix in the core, the future recycling of the foam mattresses has been simplified. Enjoy the highest lying comfort with a good feeling!

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The Swissflex® versa 24 Evo Swiss foam mattress is the perfect choice for anyone who places highest demands on their sleeping comfort. Thanks to the innovative core made of 100% EvoPore foam, you not only secure top-class lying comfort, but also a sustainable mattress that is easier to recycle.

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The Swissflex® versa 26 Evo Swiss premium mattress offers best conditions for relaxed sleeping comfort. Thanks to its core being made of 100% high-quality EvoPore foam, the 7-zone foam mattress flexibly adapts to your body contours and also enables an easier recycling process.

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What distinguishes Evo Swiss mattresses


These are the advantages of Evo Swiss foam mattresses

  • Swiss quality

  • Recyclable cores

  • Highest lying comfort

  • Pleasant sleeping climate

All-rounder mattress from Switzerland for superior comfort: if you wish to enjoy lying comfort from head to toe and experience a pleasant sleeping climate all year round, Evo Swiss mattresses are a good choice. Another advantage of the foam mattresses is their sustainability. Since the cores are made of 100% EvoPure foam, it is possible to recycle them when the mattresses are no longer being used. Ideal conditions for restful sleep!

Core Structure

7-Zone Core

The core of the foam mattresses is divided into 7 symmetrical comfort zones. The firmness of each zone is aligned with the respective body area to provide a comfortable sleeping position from head to toe. For example, the back experiences more support than the shoulder zone to allow the shoulders to sink gently into the mattress and support a healthy spine posture.

Sleeping Climate

Balanced climate all year round

With an Evo Swiss mattress from Switzerland, you get the best conditions for restful sleep at home. A crucial element: a balanced sleeping climate where you will neither be too hot nor too cold at night. To promote a good sleeping climate, the foam mattresses are equipped with transverse ventilation channels so that air can permanently circulate through the core of the mattress and body heat does not accumulate. In addition, you can choose the mattress cover "clima wash", which has a dual-layer climate padding.


Thinking of the future

When developing the Evo Swiss foam mattresses, Swissflex consciously thought about the future. What happens to a mattress after it has provided restful nights for years and has reached the end of its life? The use of 100% EvoPore foam in the mattress cores creates a mono-material-mix. Therefore, it is possible to return the foam cores to the recycling management system in the future and use them for mattress recycling.


3 cover options to choose from

  • clima wash 

  • fresh & free ECO 

  • wool natural 

clima wash
The luxurious mattress cover "clima wash" was specially developed for Evo Swiss mattresses from Switzerland. The double-layer padding combines virgin sheep's wool and climatic hollow fiber to support a dry and comfortable bed climate. Moisture can be wicked away from the mattress surface more quickly via the two materials: the wool absorbs moisture from the body and the climatic hollow fiber transfers it further into the core of the mattress. There, the moisture is distributed and dries gradually. In addition to its moisture-regulating properties, the cover also offers a fluffy and soft feel.

fresh & free ECO
The "fresh & free ECO" mattress cover focuses on sustainability. The cover is made of recycled polyester and can be recycled in its entirety. You can remove the mattress cover and wash it up to 60°C – thus, the cover is also well suited for allergy sufferers.

wool natural
You value high quality products made from natural materials? The mattress cover “wool natural” is made of 100% cotton jersey, which is quilted with a filling material made of natural wool. Thanks to the circumferential zipper, you can easily remove the cover and clean it in the washing machine up to 40°C.