uni 20:

The slat base with wave springs

Adjustable head section
Adjustable head and foot section
Adjustable head, back and foot section
2 motors, radio remote control
3 motors, radio remote control
4 motors, radio remote control

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Experience individual resting comfort from head to toe on the uni 20 slat base. Innovative wave springs and special comfort zones make this slat base a popular classic. Convince yourself of the carefree lying sensation and experience ideal conditions for relaxing sleep.


Relieving wave springs

Special wave springs increase the flexible spring effect of the uni 20 slat base. The body pressure is optimally balanced, even up to the outermost edge of the bed surface. Wave spring by wave spring provides strong support over the entire width of the bed.

Comfort zones

The uni 20 slat base is divided into three comfort zones with different degrees of firmness. The head and foot area is medium elastic, the shoulder comfort zone is highly elastic and the middle zone is strongly supported by the wave springs. The slat base is thus optimally designed to meet the needs of the individual body zones.

Adjustable suspension comfort

The uni 20 slat base automatically adapts to the pressure of the body. However, if you still want an even more individual setting, you can adjust the double spring slats in three stages.

Comfort all along the line

Every person moves while sleeping. An ideal slat base should therefore offer comfort in a variety of sleeping positions – just like the uni 20 slat base. Thanks to the frameless construction and innovative wave spring technology, you experience full comfort along the entire bed surface, whether you lie in the middle or on the edge.

Adjustment options

Depending on the model you choose, putting your legs up and straightening your back is no problem. Choose between a motorised or manually adjustable version to experience even more comfort in bed.

Freestanding or for installation

Suitable for a variety of bedrooms: The uni 20 slat base can be used as a free-standing design bed with eye-catching qualities or can be built into almost any standard bed frame.

Technical features


To install / to insert / on feet

Available sizes:

Length in cm: 190 / 200
Width in cm: 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200
Extra length in cm: 210 / 220

Special sizes:

To install / to insert: possible
On feet: not possible

Range of spring:

60 mm

Adjustment options:

Manually or motor-adjustable
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Equipment options

Designer foot aluminium
uni_20_designer foot_aluminium
Designer foot high
uni_20_designer foot_high
Designer foot titanium
uni_20_designer foot_titanium