Swissflex pillows – perfect sleep comfort

Swissflex offers you supporting sleeping pillows that perfectly complement your sleep system. Because a good support for head and neck is important! Your head is in a comfortable position and you wake up in the morning with a rested feeling. Different materials ensure that our Swissflex sleeping pillows meet different needs. All models have one thing in common: top quality. Treat yourself to an extra portion of comfort with a Swissflex neck support pillow!

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The ergonomically shaped pillows with point-elastic gel foam nestle comfortably against head and neck.

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With the ergonomic pillow SF 10 you can provide your head and neck with wonderful comfort. The neck support pillows have been designed to allow a pleasant head position and to support the neck.

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Pillow technologies

Neck support pillow SF10

If you want to sleep healthy, you need a suitable pillow! The SF10 neck support pillows were developed to provide you with a comfortable sleeping position. Since each person has unique needs and preferences, these sleeping pillows are available with three different core materials: Gomtex® blue, Latex and Visco. Each material has special features, all of which help to support the neck.

Gomtex® blue is a material developed by Swissflex, which combines the positive features of latex and visco. These neck support pillows adapt to the shape of the head and additionally balance the temperature.

The Swissflex pillow with latex core is excellently point elastic and provides very good support at the same time. Ventilation ducts ensure that the pillow is well ventilated so that you do not start sweating so quickly.

The visco-core is a thermoactive material. This means that the body heat makes the pillow adapt optimally to the head and neck. This creates a pressure-relieving feeling, which allows pleasant relaxation.

All versions of the SF10 pillows have an ergonomic design, which allows an ideal position of your head. To meet your own requirements for your preferred sleeping position and individual body shape, you can choose between two different pillow heights. The flat pillow is recommended for stomach and side sleepers, while the higher pillow is more suitable for side and back sleepers.

Neck support pillow GELTEX®

You wish to sleep healthy? Pillows with GELTEX® core bring you closer to fulfilling this dream. The special gel foam not only provides support, but also relieves pressure. Thus, the neck support pillows help you avoid waking up with a stiff and tense neck. The GELTEX® core is also highly breathable to create a balanced sleeping climate. This contributes to a calm, relaxing night's sleep!

The neck support pillows with GELTEX® core are available in three versions which are adapted to different sleeping needs. The Flat GELTEX® pillow is particularly suitable for stomach sleepers because the neck is not strained, and you can breathe easily. The Support GELTEX® pillow supports the neck optimally due to its wave shape, especially in the back and side position: The neck is supported by one of the two elevated sides, while the head lies comfortably in the hollow in the centre. Side sleepers can also choose a Premium GELTEX® pillow. The shape of the neck support pillow enables a comfortable positioning of the cervical spine. This pillow also prevents tension and straining the neck.

Swissflex pillows – lie down and relax

Let your head rest on the pillow, close your eyes and unwind - with Swissflex sleeping pillows you enjoy pure relaxation. This relaxed feeling is not only beneficial for body and soul. It is also essential for sound sleep - and the pillow plays an important role in this. Because a pillow that is too flat or too high will overstretch the cervical spine, which can cause tension in the neck area. If you are looking for a pillow to prevent this effect, a high-quality neck support pillow is highly recommended. Due to the special core made of Gomtex® blue, Visco or latex, especially the neck is relieved and supported. These pillows also adapt much better to the individual head shape, so that you lie comfortably all night long. Comfort from head to toe is made possible by sleep systems from Swissflex!