SF 10:

Good sleep starts with your head

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For a comfortable sleeping position from head to toe, the right pillow is a must! With the ergonomic pillow SF 10 you can provide your head and neck with wonderful comfort. The neck support pillows have been designed to allow a pleasant head position and to support the neck. This has a positive effect on the well-being of the entire body!


Ergonomic shape

An ergonomic pillow is characterised by its shape. The SF 10 pillow comes with two sides of different heights to allow a restful head position and to support the neck. Thanks to troughs on both sides, the neck and shoulders snuggle perfectly against the neck support pillow.

Different pillow heights

Depending on the lying position, an ergonomic pillow provides ideal support for the cervical spine to prevent muscle tension. To suit different sleeping positions, the SF 10 neck support pillow is available in two pillow heights. The flat pillow is particularly suitable for belly and side sleepers. The high pillow is ideal for side and back sleepers.

Pillow case

Experience a soft lying experience thanks to the SF 10 pillow cover. Finest sateen feels natural and soft. The pillow cover is removable and washable up to 40°C, so that even people suffering from allergies can enjoy the comfort of their ergonomic pillow.

Core technologies

Gomtex® blue core
Adaptability and air circulation make the innovative Gomtex® blue foam the right material for an ergonomic pillow. Thanks to the Gomtex® blue foam, the SF 10 neck support pillow fits the head and neck individually. In addition, heat can be transported away from the body so that you can enjoy a balanced sleeping climate.

Latex core
The latex core provides support and relief at the same time. The inside of the SF 10 pillow is firm, the outside feels soft. This way you can enjoy a comfortable feeling while your neck and head benefit from the supporting features. The structured surface of the latex core allows air circulation for a pleasant sleeping climate.

Visco core
Visco foam is a thermo-active material. This means that the pillow core reacts to body heat and adapts to the shape of the head accordingly. This means that your head is comfortably bedded and enjoys pleasant pressure relief.

Technical features

Models and measurements:

Low core
Length 60 cm, width 40 cm, height 6.5 / 9.5 cm
For stomach and side sleepers.
High core
Length 60 cm, width 40 cm, height 8.5 / 11.5 cm
For side and back sleepers.

Outer fabric:

100% cotton satin
100% cotton jersey


100% cotton


100% natural material. Creates a natural lying experience.


Washable up to 40°C. Suitable for allergy sufferers.

Removable and exchangeable:

By using the side zip fastener

Other features:

Cushions with ergonomic shaped surface with a hollow on both sides. Recess for the shoulder. Perfect position of the head and neck for a restful and relaxed lying position.