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At Swissflex, you not only receive top-class comfort, but you also enjoy the best possible advice. Use our dealer search to find your nearest specialised bed retailer and get professional advice. In one of the Swissflex specialist bed shops you can try out our mattresses and buy bed systems to your taste. With the help of the purchasing advice from a Swissflex consultant, you will find a sleep solution that optimally suits your needs and that is perfectly balanced.

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With the Swissflex bed systems you will experience first-class comfort.

The optimal coordination of all elements enables the fascinating lying comfort of Swissflex bed systems. You have to experience this lying comfort! Enjoy the balance between mattress and slat base in combination with soft toppers and pillows up close in a Swissflex bed shop. Relax and try out the various possibilities of Swissflex bed systems and experience true comfort!

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