Restful sleep with your Swissflex bed system

The Swissflex bed system combines the positive characteristics of individual components into a perfectly coordinated system for all-round sleeping comfort. A bed system consists of a bed frame, slat base and mattress, optionally with a topper for an even more comfortable sleeping experience. With Swissflex, innovative, patented technologies and individual configuration options ensure excellent lying comfort - one of the most important prerequisites for relaxed sleep.

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Swissflex technology

The advancement of classic beds are sleeping systems with elements that optimally harmonize and support each other. We at Swissflex are constantly developing new ways to make the individual components and thus the entire bed system even more comfortable.

For example, the unique Swissflex bridge® technology was developed in this way - THE innovation for flexible, reliable suspension comfort. Slat bases with Swissflex bridge® technology adapt automatically and individually to the body. The electrical adjustability of the slat base provides a further plus in comfort. Here, too, the technology contributes to the fact that Swissflex sleeping systems not only ensure sleep comfort, but can also be used for relaxing moments in between - when putting your feet up or reading.


What makes a good bed system

A good bed system works like a well-rehearsed team. All components interlock with each other, so that their positive characteristics together enable unexpected comfort. With Swissflex, the bed frame, slat base and mattress form an integrated system for weightless comfort - so you can enjoy a relaxed night's sleep!

Developing beds as systems opens up new possibilities for responding to the most diverse needs and preferences. One person prefers a firm lying sensation and likes to fall asleep on his back, while another likes a soft lying sensation and moves a lot during sleep. You can put together the right bed system with Swissflex, because the compatibility of the individual components makes it possible!


Sleep comfortably with Swissflex bed systems

Swissflex sleeping systems impress with their high-quality, perfectly coordinated elements. The result is an extraordinary combination of body support and relief - perfect for a soothing, relaxing lying experience.

Patents, such as the Swissflex bridge® spring core technology, speak for themselves: At Swissflex, innovation is all about comfort. The very high degree of adaptability ensures that Swissflex bridge® slat bases are suitable for a wide range of people, regardless of their stature and sleeping habits. There are various mattresses available to match your personal requirements for a comfortable sleeping experience. Innovations such as Geltex® Foam or the Swissflex Hybrid Collection create a unique comfort experience by combining proven elements such as gel and foam or pocket spring core and foam.

Finally, the slat base and mattress together with the bed frame form an individual Swissflex bed system. Here, not least the visual appearance plays an important role, so that you feel comfortable in your bedroom right away and can relax even better. The box spring look of the Swissflex® Box or the individuality of the SF CLICK! bed frames allow the sleeping systems to be harmoniously integrated into your bedroom. This is comfort that is worth checking!


Bed frames, slat bases and mattresses made in Switzerland:

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