uni 12 bridge®:

Discover the comfort of the Swissflex bridge® technology

Adjustable head section
Adjustable head and foot section
2 motors, cable control

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The uni 12 bridge® slat base is the entry-level model for all those who want to experience the comfort of the innovative bridge® technologies. The bridge® technology from Swissflex offers exceptional flexibility, so that you can enjoy a pleasant feeling when lying in bed. Even as an adjustable slat base, the uni 12 bridge® can be easily inserted into any standard bed frame.


Interactive suspension comfort

bridge® technologies give the slat base a flexible suspension comfort. Just like a chain, the spring slats are connected to each other, automatically providing a smooth body adaptation and pressure relief.

Even more comfort in the shoulder area

The adjustable uni 12 bridge® slat base has a distinct shoulder zone to relieve the strain on the shoulders and allow you to lie down comfortably. The slat base gives the shoulder sufficient space to sink in and contributes to a comfortable, healthy sleeping position.

Precise pressure relief

The spring slats are held by individual modules made of high-quality rubber, which react precisely to the pressure exerted on the slat base when lying down. This way, the body is relieved in exactly the right places, while pleasant support is provided where only slight pressure is applied.

High-quality spring slats

Quality pays off: High-quality beech wood slats are used for the uni 12 bridge® slat base. These ensure a very good suspension effect and also score for their long-lasting stability. Due to the intelligent bridge® technologies and a fine selection of high-quality materials, you get to enjoy sensational lying comfort for a long time without any worries.

Adjustment options

Would you like an even more individual lying position? As a motorised or manually adjustable slat base with high-quality bridge® technologies, the uni 12 bridge® can be adjusted exactly to your needs, for example to read comfortably in bed. An adjustable slat base is suitable for anyone who is in search of maximum comfort.

On feet or for insertion

uni 12 bridge® is available in two versions: on feet or for insertion. This means that the slat base can be used in combination with any standard bed frame or as a free-standing bed.

Technical features


To insert / on feet

Adjustment options:

Manually or motor-adjustable
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Available sizes:

Length in cm: 190 / 200
Width in cm: 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200
Extra length in cm: 210 / 220

Special sizes:

To insert: possible
On feet: not possible

Range of spring:

35 mm / bridge® technology on the entire lying surface