Buy slat bases – the basis for your sleeping comfort

High-quality slat bases are the perfect basis for a comfortable sleeping system. In combination with the mattress, the slat base ensures a relaxing, ergonomic sleeping position. This allows you to stretch out untroubled and enjoy relaxation for body and soul. Our high-quality slat bases provide pleasant and noiseless spring support of the body. Our innovative bridge® technology also gives the slat bases a particularly flexible adaptability. This floating sensation is made for everyone - try it out!

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The uni 12 bridge® slat base is the entry-level model for all those who want to experience the comfort of the innovative bridge® technologies. The bridge® technology from Swissflex offers exceptional flexibility, so that you can enjoy a pleasant feeling when lying in bed.

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The wooden slat base uni 08 is the universal basis for refreshing sleep. Special comfort zones and an intelligent slat technology enable support that adapts to the body individually.

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The uni 14 bridge® slat base impresses with its sensitive adaptability and effective suspension effect. As a manually adjustable or electric slatted base, uni 14 bridge® provides even more comfort in your individual lying or sitting position.

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The uni 15 bridge® slat base impresses with its excellent resting comfort and the practical insertion height of 11 cm. This means that the slat base – electrically or manually adjustable – fits into almost any bed frame.

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The frameless slat base uni 22 bridge® raises comfort to a new level. Thanks to the innovative bridge® technology, you get to experience strong support and soothing relief for restful nights.

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Experience individual resting comfort from head to toe on the uni 20 slat base. Innovative wave springs and special comfort zones make this slat base a popular classic.

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Slat base technologies

Swissflex slat bases with bridge® technology

Healthy sleep means complete relaxation in every sleeping position and without disturbing problem areas. That is why we have developed the bridge® technology. Slat bases with this technology are exceptionally flexible and harmonise perfectly with the mattress. Thus, your sleeping comfort reaches a completely new level.

The spring slats are connected like a chain. This allows the pressure to be balanced over the entire surface of the bed when lying down. This creates a stable lying surface where you do not have the feeling of rolling into the middle or to the edge - and out of bed. Instead, you experience a floating sensation that allows pure relaxation. The so-called "bridge heads" ensure that the slat base adapts to the body with pinpoint accuracy and the spring slats can develop their supporting force individually. All this happens automatically - the slat base adapts itself to your movements during sleep. Experience the effective relief and precisely fitting support of the high-quality bridge® slat bases yourself!

Buy a slat base for individual comfort

High-quality slat bases can be recognised by the fact that they offer individual sleeping comfort, regardless of the preferred sleeping position, body size and stature. To meet your needs and preferences, Swissflex offers you adjustable slat bases. This allows you to adjust the strength of the slats depending on whether you want stronger support or soft elasticity.

An electric slat base offers even more options. High-quality Swissflex slat bases with a motor can be brought into the desired position, for example to put your legs up or to sit upright while reading. Treat yourself to relaxation at the touch of a button after a long day.

High-quality slat base and mattress in perfect harmony

Only a sleep system consisting of a high-quality slat base in combination with a matching mattress ensures the best possible sleep. At Swissflex, we coordinate both components precisely so that the positive features can develop their full effect. When you go to bed, both the mattress and the slat base adapt to the body. This way, the supporting force of the slat base also works through the mattress.

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