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With an SF GELTEX® pillow you will bring an extra portion of comfort into your bedroom. The ergonomically shaped pillows with point-elastic gel foam nestle comfortably against head and neck. A wonderful way to relax!


Ergonomic shape

The SF GELTEX® pillow enables healthy sleep by adapting to your individual needs thanks to its ergonomic shape, so that your head and neck are pleasantly supported. This means you can lie comfortably in various sleeping positions - the best precondition for restful nights.

GELTEX® core

The core of the SF GELTEX® pillow impresses with its high adaptability and good breathability. GELTEX® is an innovative mixture of gel and foam, which combines the positive characteristics of both materials. The core of the pillow is especially point-elastic and ensures a pleasant sleeping climate.

Pillow cover

The SF GELTEX® pillow is combined with a matching jersey cover. The skin-friendly fabric underlines the pleasant lying experience provided by the innovative GELTEX® pillow. In addition, the pillow cover can be removed and washed at up to 40°C – an advantage especially for allergic people.

Pillow heights

For a comfortable lying position and healthy sleep, the pillow height plays an important role as well. The heights of the Swissflex pillows are designed to provide pure relaxation for head and neck.

SF Flat

The SF Flat GELTEX® pillow is particularly flat and therefore ideally suited for belly sleepers. The flat height of the pillow allows a comfortable position for the cervical spine.

SF Support

The wave-shaped SF Support GELTEX® pillow is suitable for side and back sleepers. The elevated sides support the neck, while the trough in the middle of the pillow provides pleasant relief for the head.

SF Premium

Ideal for side sleepers: Thanks to its rounded shape, the SF Premium GELTEX® pillow is particularly suited for people who like to lie on their side. A gently pronounced hollow for the head allows the head to be positioned in a relaxing way while providing support for the neck area, thus enabling healthy sleep thanks to your pillow.

Technical features


SF Support GELTEX®
SF Premium GELTEX®


Length 55 cm, width 35 cm, height 7 / 10 cm
For stomach sleepers.

SF Support GELTEX®
Length 55 cm, width 35 cm, height 10 / 13 cm
For back and side sleepers.

SF Premium GELTEX®
Length 58 cm, width 38 cm, height 8 / 11.5 cm
For side sleepers.


GELTEX® Hypersoft
Innovative mixture of elastic gel and air-permeable HR foam. The patented material feels extremely soft, is breathable and provides optimum relief for sensitive areas and prevents tension in the neck and back area.

The product has an antimicrobial finish. Prevents the development of bacteria, fungi and unpleasant smells.

Further characteristics of SF Flat GELTEX®:

Perfectly adjusted height to achieve a comfortable position of the neck while sleeping on the belly. Additional prevention of overstretching the neck area. Specially shaped pillow to avoid pressure and thus ensure optimum breathing during the prone position. Additional ventilation channels in the middle area provide a pleasant sleeping climate.

Further characteristics of SF Support GELTEX®:

Optimal support of the neck area enables improved relief of the neck muscles. Two heights for easy adjustment, depending on shoulder width. Ergonomically adapted central area supports the natural head posture and thus reduces possible tension.

Further characteristics of SF Premium GELTEX®:

The round cut of the core enables a pleasant lying comfort for the shoulder area on both sides. Different heights provide a comfortable fit for the shoulder area. Ergonomically adapted central area supports the natural head posture and thus reduces possible tension.