Swissflex customer satisfaction guarantee

We are sure of our quality, which is why we give our satisfaction guarantee:

If, within 90 days, you don't sleep better in your Swissflex® bedsystem than in your former bed, we exchange it without compromise.

Details and handling

• 100% Right of exchange for mattresses and slat bases (but not for pillows, bed frames and accessories).
• After at least 30 days, but within 90 days, you must submit your claim to the retailer.
• The dealer informs the sales office.
• The processing of the return or the delivery of the exchange goods is carried out by the retailer.


• You have slept on the new product for at least 30 days, i.e. the body has been able to get used to the new sleeping comfort.
• When exchanging an individual product, it must be ensured that:
- a functional and correctly installed slat base is used with the mattress.
- a functional mattress that corresponds to the system is used with the slat base.
• The return must be sent back in Swissflex® return packaging.