Swissflex hybrid mattresses

Are you looking for the ultimate sleeping comfort? With a Swissflex hybrid mattress you can experience good sleep in a new way! The two high-quality mattresses SF Hybrid 24 and SF Hybrid 26 combine the advantages of foam and pocket spring core mattresses in a single mattress. This gives you the best of both worlds. Experience a feeling of weightlessness and enjoy pure relaxation night after night.

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High-quality mattresses offer maximum comfort for sleepers with high demands. The SF Hybrid 26 mattress combines the advantages of a foam and a pocket spring mattress. The result is a mattress that adapts flexibly to the body, thus providing individual comfort and a wonderful lying sensation.

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The SF Hybrid 24 mattress from Swissflex combines pocket spring core and foam technology to a unique result. Supporting features and adaptability enable you to enjoy a weightless sensation when lying in bed.

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Swissflex hybrid mattresses – the best of both worlds

Innovative design of the hybrid mattresses

With hybrid mattresses, many people imagine a pocket spring mattress with a layer of foam on both sides of the lying surface. But Swissflex goes one step further! At Swissflex, the SF Hybrid 24 and SF Hybrid 26 models have been developed to create the best conditions for individual sleeping comfort. Thanks to the many available sizes, from 80 cm to 100 cm to 200 cm width and 190 cm length to 220 cm extra length, the hybrid mattress will certainly fit in your bed!

The mattresses have a multi-part construction:

  • Foam layer as a base
  • Hybrid core with pocket springs and foam
  • Intermediate layer of foam
  • Selectable top layer

A thin layer of foam serves as a supporting base for the mattress structure. The core consists of seven comfort zones. The innovative combination of pocket springs and Gomtex® foam provides comfort that fits the different parts of the body perfectly, allowing you to relax from head to toe. A thin layer of foam on the mattress core provides a wonderful connection between the mattress core and the top layer. The top layer is the crowning glory of the mattress!

Choose between GELTEX® and Visco foam for the SF Hybrid 24 to enjoy a soft lying sensation. The SF Hybrid 26 offers even more flexibility, as the top layer is interchangeable. You can change the foam layer depending on your personal feeling or according to the season. In addition to GELTEX® and Visco foam, this model also offers you the choice of latex foam. This is how individual sleeping comfort should be!

The benefits of foam and pocket spring mattresses combined

When buying a mattress, the first question often is: pocket spring or foam mattress? Both versions have their own special features and benefits. This makes hybrid technology a good choice for different sleep types and needs!

Hybrid mattresses offer you:

  • Pleasant pressure relief
  • High adaptability
  • Soft feeling when lying down
  • Good air circulation


Benefits of a foam mattress

Foam mattresses offer good body support and wonderful pressure relief. High-quality Gomtex® foam, for example, is particularly adaptable and therefore supports the body in exactly the right places. In addition, the hardness of the foam can be varied to provide pleasant pressure relief in the 7-zone structure of the mattress.

Benefits of a pocket spring mattress

A pocket spring mattress is characterised above all by its point elasticity. The individual pocket springs react sensitively to the pressure of the body. This results in an ideal adaptation to the body - even if you toss and turn a lot while sleeping. Another advantage of the pocket spring core mattress: Thanks to the pocket springs, air can circulate well within the mattress core. Heat and moisture can therefore be transported away from the body easily, so that you experience a balanced sleeping climate for peaceful nights.

In a hybrid mattress, all these advantages come together to create a lying comfort that feels comfortable all round. The intelligent core structure of Swissflex hybrid mattresses relieves the body of pressure and provides support so that the individual body areas can recover wonderfully during sleep. The soft feeling of the top layer ensures even more well-being. Experience the fantastic comfort yourself!

Covers for the Swissflex hybrid mattresses

The mattress cover also contributes to your well-being. A soft feeling is just as important as easy care. The cover also supports the air circulation of the hybrid mattress. Swissflex offers you a choice of three covers: wool wash, pure wash and fresh & free. Each material is easy-care and washable, so you can clean the mattress cover effortlessly and always enjoy an inviting feeling of freshness!

Heavenly comfort defines the hybrid mattress

The fusion of pocket spring core and various foam layers gives the Swissflex hybrid mattresses their dreamlike lying sensation. Do not rack your brains any longer about which mattress core is the right choice for you - with a hybrid mattress you do not have to decide. Pleasant pressure relief, optimum support for individual body zones and high breathability make hybrid mattresses true all-round talents. With these benefits, relaxing nights are within your reach.