Swissflex values – top-class sleeping comfort

Swissflex has stood for premium-quality sleep solutions for over 70 years. Swissflex values passion and safety in order to be able to produce exclusive products for the luxury good of sleep. This fascination for excellent sleeping comfort and the pursuit of perfection enable Swissflex to offer sleep solutions of the highest quality. Pure innovation and Swiss engineering are combined to create pleasant cosiness, well-engineered sleep ergonomics and top-class sleeping comfort. Experience perfected sleep solutions that will inspire you.

Swissflex ensures that all the elements for premium-quality sleeping comfort match, so that a comprehensive, interactive sleeping system is created. In accordance with the ingenious system of a Swiss clockwork, the various product features harmonise perfectly with each other.

Thanks to the unique interaction, you will feel incredibly comfortable and enjoy the highest level of comfort during your sleep. The premium mattresses are in perfect balance with innovative slat bases and, together with the high-quality bed frames, toppers and pillows, create the most beautiful place in your home.

The extraordinary balance between support and relief creates a feeling of lying on clouds – the ultimate sleeping comfort. Swissflex’s values and the passion for innovation enable the continuous development of the sleep ergonomics. Innovative ideas are combined with excellent craftsmanship to create unique sleeping systems. Experience what luxury regarding sleeping means with the new product innovations from Swissflex, such as the Swissflex Box, the Swissflex Hybrid Collection and the Swissflex bridge® system.


The reinvention of comfort

The history of the Swissflex bed frames, slat bases and mattresses made in Switzerland began 60 years ago - since then, we at Swissflex have continuously worked to reinvent the feeling of cosiness again and again.

Our history

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Because you deserve the best

Your sleeping comfort is our goal. That is why you can rely on our brand promise: cosiness in a class of its own. Experience the unique "Swiss made" comfort.

Our brand promise