Typical Mistakes when Furnishing a Bedroom

furnishing a bedroom
17. May 2024

How we furnish our bedroom has a direct influence on our well-being. Being surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere makes it much easier to switch off your mind after an eventful day. It also makes a restful night's sleep more likely. But what to if the interior design muse just doesn't want to kiss you awake? Below, you'll find ideas for furnishing a bedroom by looking at typical no-goes when it comes to bedroom design. After all, we know that the best way to learn is from mistakes. So this should bring you a big step closer to your dream of perfectly furnished bedrooms. We hope you enjoy furnishing your bedroom. 😊

Mistake no. 1: Designing with the wrong wall colors wall colours

If you are furnishing a bedroom, it's best if you don't start by choosing the right bedroom furniture. The first step should be to find the right color for the walls. Why is this so important? The answer is simple: you can positively influence your psyche and your well-being with the right color.  Choosing the right wallpaper is one option to make a bedroom appealing. Wallpaper not only offers a variety of colors, but also different patterns and textures that can influence the ambience of the room in a variety of ways. 

Unfortunately, the same applies vice versa: a color such as bright red or bright yellow that does not meet your need for rest in the bedroom can have a negative effect on your sleep. We recommend beautiful natural and pastel shades instead: delicate tones such as a soft blue, a light mint green, or a pale pink. With their relaxing effect they ensure that you can let fully relax in your bedroom and make yourself really comfortable. If you like bold, bright colors, we recommend using them to a lesser extent. Try using them in a soft cushion for example or on blanket as a small eye-catcher or also with a chic lamp. If a monochrome wall design for the bedroom is too boring for you, simply choose pictures in different sizes that pick up on the colors of your bedroom and go well with the overall look of the room. 

Mistake no.2: The wrong bed system

The bed is the undisputed star of every bedroom as the center of comfort. And there's a good reason for this: after all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. When furnishing a bedroom, it is therefore important to choose the right bed for you, as this is the only way to ensure optimum comfort. The wrong bed, on the other hand, can significantly reduce the quality of your sleep and even harm your health if, for example, you are lying on a mattress that does not suit your individual sleeping habits. An unsuitable slat base can also really spoil your sleep. When choosing your sleep system, you should therefore make sure you choose the best quality, from the material to the workmanship. Individuality is also just as important. If you can customize your bed yourself instead of simply choosing a ready-made model "off the peg", you can optimize each element to suit your personal comfort requirements. Our Swissflex SF CLICK! bed systems, for example, offer you exactly that: fully designed for healthy sleep, you can customize your bed with a bed frame, slat base, and mattress according to your individual preferences. This ensures perfect sleeping comfort. Of course, you can design your bed to match the color of the wall and add a special highlight to your room. For example, if you have opted for a lighter shade on the wall, a bed in a dark gray, blue, or brown can be a real eye-catcher. And another tip: to create a harmonious picture and a calm atmosphere, choose light-colored bed linen with a calm design. This will stand out from your dark bed and also create a really cozy atmosphere. Add a cozy blanket in a darker shade and one or two beautiful pillows and your new favourite spot is ready. SF CLICK Paris

Mistake no. 3: Designing a bedroom without an overall concept

It's essential for your furnishings to create a coherent concept. You may be familiar with the utilitarian rather than elegant look that randomly thrown-together furniture creates from your own student apartment. However, if you simply put random furniture in your bedroom without paying attention to the style and possible combinations, you're not doing yourself any favors in the long run. After all, we humans long for harmony, order, and a pleasant room atmosphere. This is especially true for the rooms in which we spend the majority of our time. When furnishing a bedroom, you should therefore start by thinking about a common thread. Many furniture stores now offer ranges of bedroom furniture in which bedside tables, wardrobes, and sideboards are all designed to match so that the end result looks harmonious. However, if you prefer to buy different individual pieces to better highlight your individual taste, you can opt for furnishings in the same color or of the same materials. This will create a more uniform look than combining bedroom furniture in every color of the rainbow. Of course, you can also stick to a certain style when designing your bedroom. Imagine, for example, furnishing your bedroom in a luxurious Art Deco style

Mistake no. 4: Neglecting the lighting

Once the bed and other bedroom furniture have been purchased, the project of furnishing the bedroom seems to be a done deal for many people. However, it is a real sin to leave lighting out of the bedroom design. If you make do with just a ceiling fixture, for example, or opt for bright light instead of dimmable lamps, you will quickly feel like you're in a waiting room. If it is too bright, relaxation and well-being will understandably not really come about. Instead, opt for the right lighting with a mix of different electric and natural light sources to make you feel really safe in your bedroom. This article reveals exactly what this can look like in practice. 

Mistake no. 5: Forgetting home accessories and decorationshome accessoires

For some people, the bedroom is primarily a practical place to sleep and get dressed. Therefore, the furnishings are limited to the bed and wardrobes. This is where decor plays such an important role! In general, decorating a bedroom is a great way to create beautiful accents and small highlights as part of the bedroom design. Wooden elements in particular bring a certain warmth and calm to the room and go well with almost all colors. Cushions, rugs, and curtains also immediately create a feeling of coziness, which can have a positive effect on your sleep. After all, it's much easier to rest and relax in a cozy room. 

Also bear in mind that you will certainly spend some time in your bedroom before you go to sleep and before you get up. You should therefore design it so that you enjoy spending time here. Decorations are ideal for expressing your personality and making the room an individual retreat. Pictures on the walls, a small vase of fresh flowers on the windowsill, or a souvenir from your vacation on a shelf – no matter what interior design ideas you pursue, a few personal items make a big difference!  

Mistake no. 6: Using space incorrectly & forgetting storage space

Making the most of the available space in your bedroom is probably one of the biggest challenges if you want to furnish your bedroom in the best possible way. To start with, the bedroom can quickly become cluttered. This problem often occurs when the room is small, as the space is usually already full with the bed and a wardrobe. In this case, we recommend mirrored doors, as they create an optical enlargement for small bedrooms. You should also opt for light colors for furniture, bed linen and textiles, since these have a more generous effect than dark colors. You can easily find storage space under the bed – don't waste this space if there is otherwise little room for shelves or dressers.

If you have a large room to work with, you can break up the overall atmosphere of the room with an armchair, an open shelf, or a half-height chest of drawers. Small pieces of furniture serve as a counterpoint to the more imposing furniture such as the bed and wardrobe.  


Mistake no. 7: Furnishing a bedroom without functionalitybedroom design

If the wall color is right, the bed system is completely tailored to your individual needs, your bedroom furniture is stylish, and you have also opted for a harmonious mix of lighting, you have successfully avoided four of the biggest mistakes when furnishing a bedroom. But before you make yourself comfortable, there's one last crucial point to check: Functionality. We only feel comfortable in a room if it allows us a free flow of our everyday activities. 

If, for example, you always have to move what feels like 100 pillows out of the way before you can go to bed, your bedside table is out of reach, and you always bump into the awkwardly placed closet when you go to the bathroom at night, or you keep bumping your head on the shelf above you when getting into bed, you will quickly accumulate little moments of frustration that simply don't have to happen. It's therefore best to visualize the actions you perform most frequently in your bedroom and arrange your furniture in the room accordingly. If you manage to do this, you will have done everything right when furnishing your bedroom and will be able to enjoy a place to relax night after night and sleep much better. 

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