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20. July 2023

The meaning of our dreams is an exciting topic that has always fascinated mankind. It is hard to imagine that our dreams should happen for no reason at all. And indeed, most scientists today agree that dreams are important for our well-being. Here you can find out how you can use your dreams as a guide to your life through their meaning.

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  • slat base
  • good sleep
12. July 2023

A slat base supports the body in exactly the right places and thus ensures a relaxed feeling when lying down - the best conditions for a restful night's sleep! The slat base 140x200 cm offers enough space for single sleepers as well as couples and enhances the optimal ventilation of your mattress. We will tell you if the luxurious maximum width is exactly the right choice for your bedroom.

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07. July 2023

Do bedtime sweets have a fixed place in your sleep routine? Or are you one of the critics who have turned their back on them a long time ago? Whether you are pro or con, we want to get you thinking a little by showing you the incredible diversity that lies behind the term “bedtime sweets”.

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30. June 2023

Counting sheep to help you fall asleep is a centuries-old tradition. But why does this proven method of falling asleep work so well? Find out here why counting sheep can be the key to falling asleep more easily.

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28. June 2023

When the temperatures rise to 30°C or more, we long for ice-cold summer drinks. But are those drinks good for our bodies? We have collected a few tips on staying hydrated in summer as well as some recipes for tasty summer drinks.

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23. June 2023

Which interior trends will make our homes more beautiful this year? This year's imm cologne was once again all about making our living spaces comfortable and appealing. The international furniture trade fair presented the most beautiful trends and innovations for 2023.

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  • sleeping tips
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22. June 2023

Thanks to modern science, more and more trendy products are coming onto the market with the promise of helping you get a relaxing night's sleep. But how good are melatonin gummies and Pillow Spray really? Find out which modern sleep aids give you well-deserved rest.

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07. June 2023

Especially in the hot summer months, many people long for a breath of fresh air in their own four walls. You would like to have air conditioning in your bedroom to provide a pleasant room climate and to be able to fall asleep fast despite the heat? Learn more about what you should be aware of before installing air conditioning in the bedroom!

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31. May 2023

A balanced breakfast is a good basis for your start into the day. There is almost no one who does not know the phrase "like an emperor in the morning, like a king at noon and like a beggar in the evening"; and it is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even in a stressful office life.

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