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12. November 2021

It is that time of year again: Advent is just around the corner. Is there any better way to celebrate the anticipation of Christmas than with loving DIY Advent calendar ideas? Here are our wonderful Christmas inspirations for festive calendars that make the countdown to Christmas even more beautiful!

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  • fall
  • recipes
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  • healthy life
05. November 2021

With its colorful leaves, fall is a real feast for the eyes, but it also has what it takes to be an absolute culinary treat: quince, pumpkin and leek vegetables are the perfect basis for fall recipes that make for warm bellies and a cozy atmosphere. We reveal our 5 favorite cooking ideas that bring the magic of fall into your dining room.

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  • autumn mood
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27. October 2021

To stay fit throughout the cold season is something we all wish for. But the wet and cold weather can sometimes be quite a challenge for our immune system. Thankfully, rescue is at hand: with the help of our effective tips, you can strengthen your body's defences against viruses. Read here how to start the new season happy and healthy.

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  • summer food
  • healthy life
23. September 2021

A balanced breakfast is a good basis for your start into the day. There is almost no one who does not know the phrase "like an emperor in the morning, like a king at noon and like a beggar in the evening"; and it is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even in a stressful office life.

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  • relaxation
24. August 2021

Whether on the weekend or on a holiday, an excursion is perfect for unwinding. The best part? Beautiful places to dream and relax are often not far from home.

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03. August 2021

No matter if you prefer to spend the summer evenings at the campfire, the beach, the barbecue, on the rooftop deck or dancing under the sky, the right summer songs make that experience even better.

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  • refreshment
  • stay hydrated
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  • summer drinks
16. July 2021

When the temperatures rise to 30°C or more, we long for ice-cold summer drinks. But are those drinks good for our bodies? We have collected a few tips on staying hydrated in summer as well as some recipes for tasty summer drinks.

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  • good sleep
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08. June 2021

Healthy sleep – many dream of it, but not everyone succeeds. What exactly constitutes good sleep? And how do you create the best conditions for it? We give you a few simple tips for healthy sleep!

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  • constant fatigue
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03. May 2021
Exhaustion is often a sign from the body to take a break. However, caution is advised when a temporary state of tiredness becomes a constant fatigue. We will get to the bottom of the causes and show you solutions that can be easily implemented.
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