Summer Decorarions for That Vacation Feeling at Home

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28. June 2024

Wherever you're spending your summer vacation this year, a little vacay feeling in your own four walls certainly never hurt. Our tips for summer decorations will give your home a new, summery glow and make coming home feel like an actual vacation. Are you ready for the beach, the sound of the sea, and rays of sunshine?

Hello Summer! Summer decorations for the best time of the year

Rising temperatures, a sizzling barbecue, and the scent of flowers in the air: it's finally summer again! Time to breathe some fresh air into your interior design and set up your second living room on the terrace and balcony. To achieve this, you absolutely need the perfect summer decorations. Find out how you can transform your home into a summery and comfortable oasis with some creative decorating ideas and how to create an atmospheric ambience for your next summer party.  

Floral, boho, or maritime decorations: your summer, your style

Are you a beach vacationer, do you prefer to stay in your own backyard, or do you strongly identify with the modern hippie travel lifestyle? Regardless of who you are, where you are drawn to in summer, and what your perfect staycation looks like: With summer decorations, you can give your home that desired vacation feeling!


When decorating indoor and outdoor areas, you can creatively let loose. A summery look can be achieved with decorative items in a wide variety of styles:

  • Maritime: shells, sand, and blue colors are reminiscent of summer vacations on the beach.
  • Mediterranean: Terracotta tiles and warm earthy tones look great in Italy, but also on your balcony.
  • Boho: Decorative items such as a wreath of flowers, pampas grass, and rattan furniture quickly create a dream in soft beige tones that is right on trend.
  • Floral and colorful: Summery flowers liven up your yard or porch as well as your living and dining room.

The ultimate guide to perfect summer decorations

From summer table decorations to wall decorations, door decorations or summer garden decor: to create a real vacation feeling with your summer decorations, you should consider the following aspects when styling your home this season:

For drapes and more: airy fabrics

Heavy curtains in crimson red look good during the cozy Christmas season, but are somewhat out of place on warm summer days. Swap curtains and covers made of thick winter materials for light fabrics such as thin cotton or linen. When it comes to comforters in particular, you should use materials that wick moisture away from the body so that you can sleep comfortably even when it's hot

Airy textiles also create an inviting ambience outdoors. However, if you want to leave cushions and the like outside in the wind and weather, you should select weatherproof outdoor textiles. 

Moreover, you can choose textiles not only for their function, but also for their decorative qualities: Cushion covers with floral or maritime patterns, for example, create variety in your interior design. Exotic, colorful nature motifs reminiscent of tropical forests are also a great option. 
In short: functional and visually appealing – that's how summer fabrics should be.

luftige Textilien

Rustic and cozy: natural materials

Natural materials such as wood, rattan, and raffia are ideal for furniture and home accessories in the warmer months. They convey a connection with nature and look beautifully light. Plus, rattan furniture is very trendy at the moment! 😉 Many of these natural materials are also weather-resistant and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors on the balcony or terrace. 

Colorful or minimalist: the ideal color scheme

Many people equate summer with the sea. No wonder blue is the number one summer color! Of course, you don't have to paint your entire home. Just a few accessories in cool shades of blue will bring the fresh sea breeze into your home. The maritime color combination of blue and white transports you directly to the sea and integrates wonderfully into your other summer decorations. Yellow and orange are also among great summer colors and spread a good mood. Either as a subtle pastel color or a bright, bold shade, yellow and orange are perfect for a summer paradise at home. 

gelbe Sommer Deko

Wall art or a vase: wildflowers and long-lasting plants

Outside, the flowers are in full bloom and the trees are a lush green. A paradise of flowers not only delights butterflies, but also you and your house guests. When it comes to plants, you have various options for giving your home a summery look. In keeping with the summer decoration theme, a palm tree is a must. Even a small indoor palm tree exudes Caribbean flair – be it in the living room, bedroom or on the balcony. If you like a relaxed, cozy boho style, choose woven baskets as a planter for palm trees and the like. They are available in natural, light colors or as colored models. This allows you to choose baskets that match the rest of your interior. However, make sure that the "inner" flower pot is leak-proof so that no water can seep through the wickerwork.

Cacti are also the epitome of summer and are ideal for adding a splash of green color both indoors and outdoors. Because cacti are used to heat and little water, you rarely need to water them - perfect for those who are still working on their green thumb. 😉 Classic terracotta pots are reminiscent of summer vacations in Italy and are therefore perfect for creating a vacation feeling at home. Our tip: organize a craft afternoon with your children and customize the simple pots. There are no limits to their artistic freedom, and you can create wonderful unique pieces for your summer decorations. However, it's better not to keep prickly cacti in the kids' room – succulents, for example, are a suitable and easy-care alternative 😉.

bunte Sommerblumen

If you like it particularly cheerful and are still looking for a splash of color, you should opt for colorful summer flowers. They make wonderful table decorations in an arrangement inside a hand-painted vase. Mini glass vases with handles or macramé holders in a boho look are also very on-trend and can be used to hang your flowers.

Do you want to create colorful accents, but are looking for a long-lasting alternative to self-picked wildflowers? Then don't buy cheap artificial flowers but get yourself some dried flowers! You can now even buy them online. They are perfect for a DIY door wreath, for example, and add a touch of nature to your home. 

Fairy lights and lanterns: atmospheric lighting

When we think of summer, we often picture those long, beautiful summer evenings. And to ensure that you don't spend them in complete darkness, the right lighting for that vacation feeling at home is a must. Fairy lights are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in summer. Chain lights can be used in the living room or bedroom to create brilliant accents in the room. Models with warm white light look particularly cozy. If you don't know where to put the fairy lights, you can also "stow" them in a jar. Filigree fairy lights with wire are ideal as modern summer decorations by draping them in a large mason jar. The jar creates dazzling effects and even more sparkling lights. If you like, you can wrap cord around the opening of the jar and decorate it with shells. This completes the maritime look and inspires you to dream.

Lichterkette im Einmachglas

In addition to cozy fairy lights, classic candles are also high on the list when it comes to mood lighting. In either a large lantern, a glass lantern, or in a floating tealight holder in some water, they create a cozy ambience. Our tip: use a candle with citronella oil. The essential oil smells of lemon and repels annoying mosquitoes – a win-win situation. 😉 

Perfectly staged: summer souvenirs

Regardless of which interior design style you love there is no better kind of decoration than beloved mementos. This includes souvenirs from your last summer vacation. Shells, for example, are perfect as summer decorations. They remind you of the wonderful time away and let you indulge in memories.

Decor ideas for indoors: Beach feeling in the bathroom and more

Do you also like to sit on the couch and dream of your next beach vacation? Whether you're getting on a plane this year or planning a staycation in your backyard, you can bring a maritime flair into your home with summer decorations. For example, grab a few shells and place them on a DIY driftwood shelf. This way, they make a great and easy wall decoration! If you're more into the boho style, you can create summery wall art from dried flowers instead. Pampas grass and other beige, white, or colorful flowers can be placed in a picture frame, for example, and simply hung on the wall or placed on a shelf. 

Trockenblumen in Bilderrahmen

Outdoor ideas: festive garden parties and a cozy patio

Already planning your next garden party? Then you should not only buy barbecue meat and drinks, but also matching summer decorations. This will transform your patio or balcony into a dreamy summer zone that is not only absolutely insta-worthy, but also invites you and your guests to spend cozy hours outdoors. 


You could, for example, make a decorative garland by tying small mini jars to a sturdy string or wire, filling them with water and placing flowers inside. The glasses also make great table decorations - just make sure you leave enough space for plates, salads, and the lemonade pitcher. Our tip: Arrange a beautiful decoration on a small tray that you place on the table when you set it for the party. If it gets too crowded later on, the summer decorations can be cleared away quickly.  

For long evenings in the garden or on the balcony, lighting is of course a must. Elegant lanterns, rustic lamps, or even fairy lights under the umbrella make for cozy hours with your loved ones. Let's go summer!

Bring summer indoors with the perfect decorations

A few simple touches are often enough to give your home a completely new look. To ensure that your home remains your peaceful retreat during the hot months, you can easily transform it into your new favorite place with our ideas for atmospheric summer decorations. Summery colors, airy fabrics, cozy lighting – summer can come.

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