Slat Base 120x200 cm – The Perfect Solution for a Single Bed

Slat base 120x200 cm
19. June 2024

The slat base 120x200 cm is a very popular standard size, which perfectly suits single sleepers. It not only provides soothing body support, but also optimizes air circulation so you can relax in a pleasant sleeping environment. But which model best suits different sleeping needs and how do you find the perfect slat base for you? Find out how the right slat base 120x200 cm can enhance the comfort properties of your mattress and give you an even more luxurious sleeping experience.

Does the slat base 120x200 cm suit me?

The slat base 120x200 cm is the ideal choice for a single bed with a width of 120 cm. If you want to sleep comfortably and enjoy a pleasant lying feeling, you will get reliable support in your bedroom with this slat base. Due to its handy dimensions, it is perfectly suited for small bedrooms. At the same time, the 120 cm wide and 200 cm long version provides you with a sufficiently large lying surface, so that you can turn around freely while sleeping – an immense advantage that should not be underestimated, since we change our sleeping position several times every night.  

But not only single households are well served with the slat base 120x200 or the 120x200 cm bed size. It is also suitable for a guest bed and will make your visitors' stay in your home more enjoyable. If you regularly expect several visitors, a slat base with a width of 140 cm and a length of 200 cm can turn out to be an even better choice. With this size, two people can sleep comfortably in the bed without sacrificing freedom of movement. 

How does a slat base 120x200 provide more comfort in a single bed?

With the slat base 120x200 you create the perfect basis for a comfortable sleeping system. Even though more attention is commonly paid to the mattress, it is worth taking a close look at the slat base when buying your bed system. Even the most luxurious mattress cannot fully develop its comfort properties if it is not supported by a suitable slat base. For a balanced sleeping experience, it is therefore important to consider the mattress and slat base as a single unit. If you carefully coordinate both, your slat base 120x200 cm can help you achieve a pleasant, ergonomic lying position. You can let yourself go and fully concentrate on deep relaxation. You are guaranteed to be on the safe side if you buy both products from the same manufacturer. Swissflex offers point-elastic mattresses and high-quality slat bases, which perfectly match each other, so that you can experience the feeling of lying on clouds. 

slat base 120x200 single bed

What should I look for in a slat base 120x200?

The slat base 120x200 cm comes in different versions. From simple roll-up slats to sophisticated frames with high-quality wooden slats or an adaptable disc slat base, the choice is huge. In any case, the most important thing is your sleep health: after all, a good slat base should offer you maximum comfort so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep. However, there are a few aspects that you should consider before buying a new slat base: 


Getting up in the morning without back pain and tension - who doesn't want that? That's exactly why you shouldn't compromise on the quality of your slat base. The base contributes to the ergonomic positioning of your spine and therefore to your health. You should therefore always choose a good quality product. The quality of the slat base starts with its slats: high-quality models use a large number of flexible slats, for example. 

If you choose a slat base made by Swissflex, you can rely on careful workmanship and top materials that will provide you with long-lasting comfort. We offer different options in 120 cm width and 200 cm length, so you have a free choice of slat type without compromising on quality. 

Load capacity

You should make sure that the slat base is strong enough, especially if you have a higher body weight. Its slats must provide you with sufficient support so that your spine can recover optimally during sleep. The load capacity of the slats is often designed for a specific weight class. 

Zoned slat base

When looking for the right product, you can, for example, look for a model with special zones to increase your sleeping comfort. Are you a side sleeper or do you often suffer from back pain? Then a model with a special shoulder comfort zone is perfect for you. More flexible slats give your shoulders enough space to sink deeper down so that you can adopt a relaxing lying position. 


shoulder comfort zone
Assembly type

The slat base 120x200 is available from specialist retailers in versions on feet or as an insert. This allows you to either use your new slat base as a free-standing bed or combine it with a frame that is assembled separately. 


In addition to different reclining zones, the slat base in 120 cm width and 200 cm length scores points with different adjustment options. In any case, a so-called middle zone reinforcement is helpful. The zone in the middle of the mattress base is reinforced by double slats in a slatted frame with this added comfort. The special feature: The flexibility of the slats can be adjusted at this point - usually using a so-called O-slider. Thanks to this feature, you can adjust the adaptability of your slat base exactly to your preferred sleeping position so that you benefit from ergonomic spinal support in your bed. 

If you are looking for an extra dose of comfort, have difficulty getting up or simply enjoy watching TV in bed, you should consider a slat base with adjustable foot and head sections. This allows you to bring the lying surface into an upright sitting position or literally put your feet up. You can find both manual and electric slat bases in stores. With the latter, a small motor ensures that you can easily adjust the position of the slat base in the head or leg area at the touch of a button. That way, you can make yourself really comfortable with a slat base that has adjustable head and foot sections. 

Swissflex slat bases – a suitable model for everyone?

Good sleep is based on complete relaxation. You should therefore adjust your slat base to perfectly suit your sleeping needs. At Swissflex, we give our point-elastic slat bases the exact same attention as our high-quality mattresses. That is why we have developed the innovative bridge® technology, which provides even more flexibility and harmonizes perfectly with our mattresses. Because the spring slats are connected to each other like a chain, the resulting lying pressure can be balanced over the entire lying surface. This means that the slat base 120x200 cm adapts to the body with pinpoint accuracy, so that the individual support of the spring slats is fully effective. 

You want a solid slat base in the dimensions 120x200, which perfectly adapts to your body shape thanks to special comfort zones and intelligent spring technology? Then the uni 08 slat base is worth checking out. Thanks to three comfort zones, the head, shoulder and pelvic areas receive reliable support, while you can set the firmness level to either soft or firm thanks to the special wave springs. This gives you full control over your sleeping experience. Various adjustment options – be it foot or head section, manually or electrically adjustable – offer additional comfort options.   

Do you want to benefit from the innovative bridge® technology and control your budget at the same time? Then our uni 12 bridge® model is perfect for you. Thanks to the harmonious bridge® technology, the slat base offers flexible spring comfort and a point-elastic lying feeling that you can perfectly adjust to your preferences. Whether you choose the option for insertion or on feet, manually or electrically adjustable – individual sleeping comfort has never been so easy thanks to numerous comfort options.

adjustable slat base 120x200

The uni 22 bridge® slat base offers you even more comfort. With this premium model, you are assured the ultimate feel-good experience. The bridge® technology lets you relax comfortably, while the strong wave springs provide reliable support over the entire lying surface. As a slat base without a frame, the uni 22 bridge® slat base also makes a convincing design statement for modern bedrooms, which are characterized by a free and light look. Numerous adjustment options contribute to the limitless comfort of this luxury model. You can even sit upright – perfect for bedtime reading.

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