Why is cuddling in bed so important?

Kuscheln im Bett
23. April 2020

Some say they can only fall asleep when cuddling in bed, while others value their personal space while sleeping. Which one is the right choice to be able to relax properly? And why is cuddling so important for us?

Falling asleep alone or close to your loved one?

Lying in your partners arms and feeling the warmth of the person next to you: For many people that is the best thing about falling asleep. When we are cuddling in bed we feel save and loved – so it is no surprise, that for many this comfortable feeling is essential to falling asleep. Especially during the cold winter months or if there is a lot going on in our lives, it feels nice to be physically close to someone. The bed as a safe haven makes cuddling even more comfortable. You can hide away together under the blanket and lock out the world. On the other hand, we sometimes need our freedom and do not really feel like falling asleep in a tight hug. That is completely normal. If everyone stays on his or her side of the bed, you can move separately. This can contribute to a relaxing sleep, because we move instinctively during sleep and change our sleeping positions to prevent tenseness – which works best if there is enough space.

Cuddling in bed – the benefits

While cuddling we are not only close to our loved one on a physical level, but also emotionally. During these calm, relaxing moments you experience a particular intimacy. That is why cuddling is good for your relationship! Of course, you cannot only cuddle with your partner, for children this form of affection is incredibly precious as well. Kuscheln im Bett mit der Familie

The feeling of security, which you experience while cuddling in bed, can help you fall asleep. There is a reason why children crawl into their parents’ bed after having a nightmare. Knowing that you are not alone and feeling the closeness of a beloved person, makes the monster under your bed or the nightmare less scary. This applies to grown-ups, too!

The end of cuddling in bed? Women sleep better by themselves!

Did you know that according to some studies women sleep worse, when sharing their bed with their better half? While men sleep better in a shared bed, women often experience the opposite effect. This phenomenon is not yet fully resolved by sleep scientists. They suspect a genetic connection. Women instinctively want to protect their family, especially their own children. It is assumed that women are light sleepers in a shared bed because of their protective instinct. You can observe the same effect with parents: During the first months of parenthood they become light sleepers, so that they wake up easily when their baby is crying. But do not worry! With a comfortable bed, which offers enough space for both of you, you create the best conditions for healthy sleep. ????

How do children learn to fall asleep by themselves?

Cuddling is just great – therefore, you cannot hold it against your children if they do not want to fall asleep by themselves in their own bed. However, not all parents want to turn the double bed into a family bed. How do children learn to fall asleep in their own bed after cuddling in their parents’ bed before? Kuscheltiere im Bett

Make it comfortable for your child in their own bed – and in the whole room. This way, their own bed is a lot more attractive than yours. It is difficult to move them once they are lying in the parents’ bed… Therefore, it is a good idea to create a little cosy corner in your children’s room. You can cuddle there together before bedtime, afterwards the children go straight into their own bed. Cuddly toys are suitable to create the feeling of security, which your child is enjoying when cuddling with you. When they are not lying in bed alone, falling asleep will be easier for the little ones. If there is a special fear causing the need for cuddles, for example fear of the dark, you should specifically work on that. Make sure your little ones know that they are never fully alone, and that you are always there if they need you!

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