The meaning of our dreams

Dreams meaning
18. November 2021

The meaning of our dreams is an exciting topic that has always fascinated mankind. After all, we dream every night, even if we often cannot remember our dreams in the morning. It is hard to imagine that our dreams should happen for no reason at all. And indeed, most scientists today agree that dreams are important for our well-being. Here you can find out why our minds travel at night and how you can use your dreams as a guide to your life through their meaning.

Why do we dream?

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.” John Lennon already knew that we are all dreamers. But it is more difficult to answer the question of what meaning our dreams have for our lives. Why exactly do we dream at all? It is a fact that people dream during REM sleep, but research in this field is difficult – not least because scientists are not able to experience dreams directly. However, it is clear that our dreams are not just random, but have several functions. Among other things, the night-time excursion to the land of dreams helps us to stay in good mental and physical health and to optimise our everyday life.

What significance do dreams have for our well-being?

Some people see dreams as a kind of waste collection for our brain, but it would be more correct to call them waste separation. Because not everything we see in our dreams is unimportant waste. Dreaming helps our brain to separate the important from the unimportant and is therefore essential for our mental hygiene. By living through fantasies, fears or stressful events of our past, dreams unconsciously stimulate many processes of conflict resolution. The meaning of beautiful dreams, on the other hand, is particularly fascinating for our memory. If our brain can relax during sleep, we learn faster and remember more. Not only our grey matter, but also our body benefits from the time we spend dreaming. If we are in a REM sleep during the sleep cycle, the immune system is strengthened by the release of growth hormones and our cells can regenerate. Dreams are therefore extremely important for our mental and physical well-being.

The meaning of our dreams for everyday life

Even though dreams with surreal content often particularly impress us, the majority of our dreams are about the events of the day. If we have an argument with our friends in a dream or do not dare say something in a meeting with our colleagues, it may seem a bit banal at first, but you should not underestimate the importance of these dreams for your everyday life. After all, such a dream not only shows you difficulties in your relationships with other people or challenges at work, but also helps you evaluate and process these experiences. Think about your feelings in the dream and whether the dream can be applied to real-life situations. This will not only help you get to the bottom of your worries but may also help you find a solution more quickly.

Flying, falling, running: Dream interpretation and popular motifs

Dreams are as individual as your personality, how to understand the meaning of your dreams. If one is active as a mountaineer, a dream in which he or she is standing on the highest peak of the world is probably a great experience. Someone with a fear of heights, however, will perceive this dream as a nightmare. Nonetheless, some dream motifs that occur frequently are attributed a certain meaning:


dream of flying Floating through the air like a bird - isn't that a beautiful idea? Anyone who dreams of flying may long for more freedom in everyday life. If you often dream of flying, you should consider whether you feel constricted in your everyday life, be it physically or emotionally. Or perhaps you would like to have a better overview like you do from the sky? The dream of flying may indicate that you are undecided about a decision and that you would benefit from a better overview.


Regarding the interpretation of dreams, water can stand for different emotions. Whether it is a positive or negative interpretation depends entirely on the scene of the dream.

For example, if you are alone in a small boat on the vast ocean, this may indicate a feeling of loneliness. You may feel left alone by the people around you.

Swimming in clear water, on the other hand, can indicate balance and contentment. If you swim in murky water in your dream, it could be a symbol of fear. Perhaps you are facing a test or a decision, the consequences of which seem unclear to you?


Unlike the feeling of flying, falling in a dream is rarely pleasant - often you even wake up from it. In dream interpretation, falling from a great height is interpreted as a symbol that you are afraid of losing control. Are you currently in a situation that you cannot influence, or are you facing a change that you cannot fully control? If so, this may be expressed through your dream of falling. If this dream keeps coming back and regularly wakes you up, you should find the cause so that you can sleep peacefully again soon. dream of falling

On the run

Maybe you have even run away from a known or unknown pursuer in a dream. The meaning of such a dream depends entirely on what you were fleeing from. A monster, your boss, your mother-in-law... a situation from your private life can be as much of a trigger as a deadline at work. Emotional stress is usually the background to our dreams of running away from someone. The more often you are plagued by this dream, the sooner you should find out the exact trigger.

Tips on how to remember your dreams

Not being able to interpret a specific dream is one thing, but some people have a completely different problem: They generally have trouble remembering their dreams, which makes deciphering their meaning seem impossible. If this is also true for you, then some tricks will help you better remember the content of your dreams. Keep a dream journal on your bedside table and take 5 minutes after waking up to focus on the things you saw in REM sleep. If you assume your favorite sleeping position and keep your eyes closed, this will demonstrably increase your memory.

dream diary

In addition to a dream diary, a fixed sleep routine can help you discover the hidden messages behind your dreams. Your body loves regularity, and if the natural sleep phases are not disturbed during the night, you will have a better chance of remembering the images you saw in your dreams. An extra tip: Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and a heavy dinner in the evening, as these factors can interfere with the sleep phases.

How improved sleep helps with dreaming

The quality of our sleep is also crucial for our dreams. Did you know, for example, that better sleep increases the likelihood of remembering your dreams when you are awake? Longer, more restful sleep increases the number of REM phases in which we dream particularly intensively. Improving your sleeping comfort can therefore help you to get to the bottom of the meaning of your dreams. Make sure that you have a high quality mattress and slat base that gives you the best possible sleeping comfort. With our versa excellence, for example, you can create a particularly comfortable sleeping environment thanks to the pocket spring core and supporting Gomtex®. So nothing stands in the way of wonderful dreams!

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