Healthy sleep? This is how you create the best conditions!

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Healthy sleep – many dream of it, but not everyone succeeds. Problems falling asleep, an uncomfortable lying position, disturbances during the night, maybe even the wrong bed... healthy sleep often faces some challenges. What exactly constitutes good sleep? And how do you create the best conditions for it? We give you a few simple tips for healthy sleep!

What is healthy sleep?

Healthy sleep is most evident the next day. Because those who have slept healthily feel rested and fit in the morning. Healthy sleep also means waking up without tensions in the neck or back. And even the soul benefits from it, because a restful night usually ensures a better mood. Sleep is very important for people of all ages and has a big impact on our health, because during sleep we relax and regain our energy. Those who do not sleep well are often irritated more quickly, cannot concentrate for long and suffer from physical complaints such as headaches or back pain.

The bedroom is the key to healthy sleep

You want to create the best conditions for healthier sleep? Then start with your bedroom! Because external factors have a deep impact to your sleep. This includes sufficient darkness and a pleasant room temperature. The optimal temperature for peaceful sleep is between 15 °C and 18 °C. You should be able to darken the window with blinds or curtains, because darkness supports the production of the hormone melatonin which is responsible for our fatigue and thus our sleep. If it is too bright in your room, your body will automatically stay awake and it will take you longer to fall asleep.

When designing the bedroom, it is also worth paying attention to a relaxing atmosphere. Soft, muted colours for the walls and furniture contribute to a calm mood. The more you feel comfortable in your bedroom the easier it will be for you to calm down and fall asleep at night.

Mattress and slat base are the most important elements

Mattress and slat base for healthy sleep For healthy sleep, you do not only need a cosy bedroom. The focus should be on the bed, more precisely the two most important components of the bed: the slat base and the mattress. Together, they create the basis for healthy sleep. Supportive and pressure-relieving lying comfort enables a comfortable sleeping position. As a result, tension or back pain hardly stand a chance. In order for the slat base and mattress to provide a high level of sleeping comfort, they should fit you exactly. It is therefore recommended to seek advice when buying them, because an expert can correctly evaluate which mattress core and which degree of firmness is suitable for you. In addition, you have the option to try them out on site – and decide on the lying sensation that seems most comfortable to you. Our tip: Neck support pillows round off the comfort of the bed and prevent tensions in the neck and shoulder area!

Healthier living means healthy sleep

Our general well-being has a big impact on our sleep. People who live healthy lives often also sleep healthier. What should you pay special attention to? A balanced nutrition and sufficient sport are good for the body and mind and can also ensure better and more restful sleep. Two to three hours before you go to bed you should avoid hearty meals, because these sit heavy on your stomach, and the peak of digestion leads to a restless night. Caffeine and alcohol also disturb the night´s rest and should therefore not be consumed late in the night. A decelerated, stress-reduced everyday life also helps to be able to get healthy sleep. Of course, work and leisure can be stressful at times. But try not to let the stress turn into a habit. Relaxing rituals in the evening are very good for relaxing. Switching off your cell phone and taking a soothing bath, reading for an hour before going to bed or doing yoga exercises will help you calm down and get a restful night's sleep.

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Find a healthy sleep schedule

A regular sleep schedule contributes to healthy sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and set your alarm clock for the same time. Even on weekends, the deviations should not be too great. Especially falling asleep will be easier if the body is used to a consistent schedule. Even if you are a person who likes to take a nap, you should definitely shorten it or even skip it altogether. Because the longer your body rests during the day, the less sleep it needs at night. The result: you cannot sleep well or not at all. It is also advisable to follow your inner clock. If you realise that you are getting tired, you should not stay awake too long – you can still watch the next episode of your favourite series the next day. You will see, if you consciously take some of our tips to heart, your sleep will improve on its own after a while and you will feel fitter and more alert again!

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