Mattress 140x200 cm – generous comfort for singles

Mattress 140x200 cm

The mattress 140x200 cm is one of the most frequently sold mattress sizes. It gives solo sleepers comfortable space in a single bed and at the same time can be used as a mattress for couples who enjoy close and intimate proximity. Does the flexible size fit your sleeping needs? We will tell you who the 140x200 cm mattress is suited for, what you should consider when making your purchase decision, and which bed accessories you can use to round off your sleeping experience.

For whom is the mattress 140x200 cm suited?

Single MatratzeYou usually sleep alone and are looking for a suitable mattress? The 140x200 cm mattress is perfect for single sleepers who move around a lot during the night and therefore need a lot of space. The large lying surface allows you to stretch your arms and legs to your heart's content without fear of rolling off your mattress. If your living situation offers you enough space, you can enjoy especially comfortable dreams as a single with the 140x200 cm mattress.

But the flexible size of the mattress can do even more. For example, that the 140x200 cm mattress is the standard size for double beds in France? In German-speaking countries, couples prefer to enjoy a little more freedom of movement, but couples in need of cuddling have their favorite person very close to them at night on the 140x200 cm mattress.

Singles who sometimes have visitors are also likely happy about a mattress with a width of 140 cm and a length of 200cm. The reason: If a surprise guest shows up, they will have space to sleep on a mattress of this size. People who prefer to sleep separately from their guests and have the appropriate living space, can instead equip a separate guest room with the mattress 140x200 cm. This is especially useful if your guests stay longer than just a few days. Then, they should be happy about this comfortable and spacious bed. Your guests can change their sleeping position without being disturbed – almost as nice as in their own bed at home.

Tip: Tall people in particular should think about choosing the mattress in extra length. As a guideline, the mattress should be about 15 to 20 cm longer than the body size. For people who exceed 1.80 m or 6 ft, many models are available in extra lengths of 210 cm or 220 cm as an alternative to the standard length of 200 cm.

What are available core materials for the mattress 140x200 cm?

Swissflex offers both foam mattresses and latex mattresses in the dimensions of 140x200 cm. Our range is complemented by hybrid mattresses that combine the advantages of a foam mattress with those of a pocket spring core. But which core material is the best choice for your 140x200 cm mattress? Above all, that depends on your personal preferences.

As true all-rounders, hybrid mattresses provide you with precise relief and reliably support you while you sleep. Thanks to the pocket spring core, they are also very breathable. Our foam mattresses with GELTEX® Gel provide even more flexibility and a weightless feeling when lying down. Thanks to the innovative fusion of foam and gel, they offer noticeable premium comfort.

versa 24 Swissflex Gel mit Taschenfederkern

Our three models with intelligent ventilation let you experience a balanced sleeping climate night after night. Thanks to 7 zones, your sensitive body parts can sink comfortably into the mattress, while the other areas experience reliable support. Even more sleeping comfort is offered only by our hybrid models, which combine the advantages of comfort foam and pocket spring core.

If you value sustainable comfort, you should check out the Evo Swiss foam mattresses. Their core is made of 100% EvoPore foam, which not only provides a comfortable lying feeling, but also facilitates future recycling thanks to mono-material mix.

What do you need to consider when buying a mattress?

What could make your purchase decision easier as you are looking for a new 140x200 cm mattress? After all, a high-quality mattress will accompany you for many years, so you should not go about buying a mattress without careful consideration. Instead, always keep your sleep needs in mind. Good sleep is individual from person to person. If you keep your own preferences in mind, you will find the right mattress for you.

  • Firmness degree: The firmness degree indicates how soft or firm a mattress feels. The higher the degree of firmness, the harder the mattress. The body weight can serve as an orientation, as a higher weight requires a stronger body support. However, you should not choose according to weight alone, but rather test the mattress extensively to determine whether it is really optimally suited for you.
  • Sleeping climate: If you sweat easily, a pocket spring mattress cools you down. If, on the other hand, you are cold quite frequently, a foam mattress will provide you with a warmer bed climate.
  • Preferred sleeping position: Each sleeping position places different demands on your mattress. Choose a mattress with comfort zones that flexibly adapt to your body. 7 zones are now standard, so you have free choice between 7-zone cold foam, 7-zone pocket spring core and other core types.
  • Mattress care: Can you turn and rotate your mattress on your own? A latex mattress in a 140x200 format, for example, is heavier than a cold foam mattress. Also pay attention to the cover. Is the material also suitable for allergy sufferers? Is the mattress cover removable? This is important so that you can clean the cover yourself if necessary or take it to the dry cleaner.
  • Height: The height of the mattress generally does not say anything about its quality, since that depends quite significantly on the materials used as well as on the processing. The higher a mattress is, the higher the individual layers of the core usually are or more core layers are used. The rule here is to try out which mattress feels best. For side sleepers, it may well be worth trying out a slightly higher model so that the shoulders and hips do not sink into the mattress right down to the slat base.

How to raise the comfort level of your mattress 140x200 cm

accessories for the mattrasseA good night's sleep is not just a matter of the right mattress. Every component of your bed system plays a decisive role in a restful night's sleep. To fully enjoy the comfort features of your new mattress 140x200 cm, you should also think about the right accessories when buying a mattress.

With a high-quality slat base, you can give your mattress better stability and at the same time ensure that the air can circulate optimally. Thanks to the innovative bridge® technology, our Swissflex slat bases give you a weightless feeling with optimal snugness. The right topper provides even more body adaptation, with which you can round off the good lying properties of the mattress and the slat base. At Swissflex, individual sleeping comfort is a top priority, so you can tailor your preferred sleeping experience to suit you and your needs. This allows you to experience exactly the sleep luxury you have always longed for on your 140x200 cm mattress.

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