Summer drinks – refreshments for hot days

summer drinks
16. July 2021

When the temperatures rise to 30°C or more, we long for ice-cold summer drinks to refresh us. A large glass of lemonade or a delicious cocktail with ice, like a mojito, are a popular choice. But are those drinks good for our bodies? We have collected a few tips on staying hydrated in summer as well as some recipes for tasty summer drinks.

  1. Summer drinks: the importance of staying hydrated
  2. Hot or cold drinks
  3. Hands off alcohol and soft drinks
  4. How to spice up your water
  5. Our favorite summer drinks: Smoothies and shakes

Summer drinks: the importance of staying hydrated

On hot days, it is important to stay hydrated in order to keep the fluid and mineral levels in our body in balance. Even on days with mild temperatures you should drink approximately one liter of water per 25 kilograms of body weight. Hot weather or physical exercise can increase the need for fluids three to four times. It is recommended to drink two large glasses of water right after getting up in order to compensate for the loss of fluids during the night and to start the day of with a refreshed feeling. Dehydration can soon lead to headaches and concentration difficulties. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Pay attention to the right temperature of your drinks to avoid stressing the body. Getränk

Hot or cold drinks

Cold water, ice tea or a soft drinks with ice cubes – when we are thirsty or in need of a refreshment in summer, we certainly prefer any of these drinks to a cup of warm tea. However, you should be careful with cold summer drinks: the greater the difference between body temperature and the temperature of your drink, the more the body has to work to create a balance between the two. Thus, cold summer drinks stimulate the heat production of our body. To stay hydrated lukewarm beverages are ideally suited. How about an unsweetened herbal tea with some ginger or mint? Mineral water or tap water are also perfect for a refreshment in summer. If you prefer a beverage with more flavor, you can spice up your water. We have some ideas for you later on!

Hands off alcohol and soft drinks

Even if a cold beer or fruity cocktails are very tempting, you should avoid drinks with alcohol in hot temperatures. First, alcoholic drinks are not well suited to keep you hydrated, second, they make you break a sweat even faster. The same goes for soft drinks. Due to the large amount of sugar and calories soft drinks, such as cola, only increase your thrist.

How to spice up your water

As a hydrating summer drink, water is the best choice. Unfortunately, water can get really boring over time. Why not try some “vitamin water” to keep it interesting? You only need a few ingredients for this sugar-free lemonade: Water, some of your favorite fruits, cucumber, fresh mint or lemon balm and glasses, of course. You can use slices of fresh lemons, strawberries or grapefruits. Cut the fruits into small pieces so that the water can absorb the juice. Simply mix the fruit and the mint with the water, insert a straw and enjoy the delicious lemonade... mmmmh! Our tip: The combination of lemon and mint is particularly refreshing. Spritzers made from fruit juices, such as mango, orange, grapefruit or pineapple, are also great summer drinks. Pour one part juice into a glass and fill it with four parts water. The fruit spritzer is ready in no time and has a wonderfully refreshing effect! If you like, you can also make a delicious syrup from rhubarb or elderflower and add a splash to the water. But be careful! You should definitely reduce the sugar here. Smoothie

Our favorite summer drinks: Smoothies and shakes

To stay hydrated apart from drinking water or other summer drinks, water-containing food help. You can enjoy vegetables or fruits with a high water content such as cucumbers, oranges or watermelons. These are perfect for a delicious, healthy snack and are better suited for high temperatures than heavy meals. If you prefer something fruitier, you can prepare delicious smoothies or shakes as a drink. For a strawberry shake, mix strawberries with milk and ice cubes in a blender. Smoothies are also easy to prepare. You can use fresh or frozen fruits of your choice. If you like berries, you can prepare a raspberry smoothie, for example. Put the berries in a blender, add yogurt and – if you wish for a light meal – some oatmeal. Mix everything, pour the shake into glasses and enjoy. The recipes can be easily modified so that you can use almost any fruit of your choice. Our tip: combine the berries with an orange and garnish the rim of the glass with a slice of lime. This looks especially pretty and helps you enjoy your summer drinks even more. Cheers!

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