Maximum relaxation and perfect position

Swissflex’ ergonomic pillows provide perfect sleep comfort, while the different versions all offer effective pressure relief and maximum support for the head and neck.



Ergonomic shaping

The ergonomic design of the pillow with two sides at different heights nestles perfectly against the neck and shoulder area. The surface, with a hollow in the middle of both sides, ensures that the head is perfectly positioned for maximum relaxation.

Two different pillow heights

The pillows ensure the cervical spine is optimally positioned taking into account individual body shape and preferred sleep position. The low pillow is ideally suited for people who sleep on their front and side, whereas the high pillow is perfect for people who sleep on their side or back. Flat pillows: Ideal for sleeping on stomach or side. 6,5 cm flat side, 9,5 cm high side, width: 60 cm, depth: 40 cm. High pillows: Ideal for sleeping on side and on back. 8,5 cm flat side, 11,5 cm high side, width: 60 cm, depth: 40 cm.

Core technologies

Gomtex® blue Core

Gomtex® blue Core

The pillow core made from innovative Gomtex® blue foam combined with the benefits of latex and visco is an open cell structure 2.5 times more breathable than the standard cold foam. The result: ideal heat distribution. At the same time the cushion is very snug and offers a pleasant lying feeling.


SF 10

SF 10

An exceptionally pleasant, soft and natural sleeping experience is achieved thanks to the pillow cover which is manufactured from the finest sateen. It is quilted, removable, and washable at up to 40° C, making it ideally suited for allergy sufferers.

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