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The comfort mattresses of the Swissflex Hybrid Collection combine the advantages of innerspring and foam technologies to create a unique sleeping experience. Materials created through impeccable workmanship. The new Swissflex® Premium mattresses make you feel like you are being carried by a cloud.



The Swissflex® Hybrid Collection provides a unique comfort experience thanks to the integration of several technologies already commonly used in other industries. It combines the advantages of pocket innerspring and foam technologies with the results of unique ergonomic qualities.


Swissflex® wool wash cover

Swissflex® wool wash cover

Wool Wash, quilted with washable wool, enhances the luxury sleep experience and ensures perfect moisture control. Removable and washable top part/cover. Airwave band to ensure good ventilation.

Reverse side of mattress:
Outer fabric: Double jersey: 14% viscose, 86% polyester.
Padding: Pure sheep’s wool
Reverse side of mattress: Jersey: 66% polyester, 34% viscose
Cover is machine-washable up to 40°C.