Swissflex® uni 12 bridge® - Comfortable starter model.

This model, which provides excellent value for money, combines the traditional insert frame design with our innovative bridge® technology. In the shoulder area of the sleep surface, the model is equipped with the exclusive bridge® technology and provides highly balanced sleep comfort. The model can be installed into any standard bed frame with no complicated installation required.

Technology & design

Interactive suspension comfort

Interactive suspension comfort

The main feature of the bridge® technology is a chain constructed from spring modules, which give the slat base extraordinary flexibility. Linked by a flexible adapter, these modules provide a connection between the slats. This connection facilitates automatic, controlled pressure relief and support across the length of the bed.

Adjustable comfort

Different comfort functions: Based on individual needs, uni 12 bridge® is equipped with different adjustment options; beds can be adjusted either electrically or manually.

Additional accessories

Standard leg

Standard leg

Additional information

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