Swissflex® uni 14 bridge® - Interactive insert-frame slat base.

This model, with its centred frame, is equipped with bridge® technology across the entire sleep surface. It stands out above all by its sensitive and highly effective support and relief effect across the entire length of the bed - with no annoying centre bars in the double beds. Based on your preference, the uni 14 bridge® can be inserted/built into the bed frame or used as a standalone unit.

Technology & design

Interactive suspension comfort

Interactive suspension comfort

This is facilitated by the bridge® technology: connected spring modules provide automatic, controlled pressure relief across the longitudinal axis. Whenever support is required, the spring module chain is fastened. The result: An almost floating feeling as you lie on the bed, while still providing support in the appropriate areas.

Adjustable comfort

Different comfort functions: Depending on requirements, a uni 14 bridge® with different adjustment options is available. Beds can be adjusted either electrically or manually.

Additional accessories

Standard leg

Standard leg

Additional information

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