The approved Swissflex® spring system floats in a higher performance class.

The approved Swissflex® spring system floats in a higher performance class.

The uni 20 slat base concept stands out thanks to technology in the details and classic design. Thanks to the frameless construction, the slat base not only gives the impression of floating, the body also experiences a feeling of great lightness in complete balance.

Technology & design

Individual relief

Individual relief

The patented wave spring are supporting, self-adjusting elements with complete spring action up to the very edge, providing perfect relief at all levels.


uni 20 belongs to the premium products in terms of quality. LGA confirms this through the awarding of the GS certificate for tested safety.

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Adjustable comfort

Adjustable comfort: In addition to power-adjustable slat base models, uni 20 also offers pneumatic and manually adjustable models.

Additional accessories

uni 20 is suitable for installation in an already available bedstead or as a freestanding designer bed in combination with standard or designer feet as well as additional accessories.

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Integrated sleeping system

Swissflex creates the integrated sleeping system with Synchron Precision® through the exact uniformity of mattress and spring system and their precise interaction.

The combination of the uni 20 slat base with the versa 24 or the new versa excellence mattress is the essence of the ideal sleep system for supported and relaxed sleep.

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