Individual comfort and best craftsmanship.

Individual comfort and best craftsmanship.

This Swissflex® premium model provides pressure relief and body support at the very highest level. You can choose between highly elastic Gomtex® and precise natural latex – both ensure absolute comfort.

Core technologies

Accurately fitting single elements

Accurately fitting single elements

The accurately fitting single elements on the inside of the mattress core are the special feature of Swissflex mattresses. They work precisely with the spring system uni 20 and match each body type and body weight anatomically correctly.


Cover type <br />merino natural

Cover type
merino natural

The finest fuzzy and natural merino quality for luxurious lying comfort and a warming sleep environment – for people who feel cold easily. Feature: The topper element made of washable merino wool. Can be removed and washed at 40°C.


versa 24 belongs to the premium products in terms of quality. The LGA has confirmed this in comprehensive tests. In addition to this, the mattresses are certified in accordance with the Eco Test Standard 100 and are CFC free.

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Integrated sleeping system

Swissflex creates the integrated sleeping system with Synchron Precision® through the exact uniformity of mattress and spring system and their precise interaction.

The combination of the versa 24 mattress with the uni 20 slat base is the essence of the ideal sleep system for supported and relaxed sleep.


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