Finest quality for the very best in sleeping experiences.

Finest quality for the very best in sleeping experiences.

The secret behind good sleep is the perfect mattress. The versa excellence combines pocket springs with supportive Gomtex®, achieving the highest possible level of comfort. There are separate summer and winter surfaces available. As the seasons change you are always assured of the perfect conditions and temperature.

Core technologies

Innovative structure

Innovative structure

The 20 cm thick, five-layer core made from four different materials is what makes the versa excellence so exceptional: the inner core is made up of Gomtex® elements and mini pocket springs, wrapped in two profiled Gomtex® layers complemented by core overlays of Gomtex® blue and Talalay latex.


Cooling or warming

Cooling or warming

Both sides of the mattress cover are manufactured from different classic natural materials. The cooling cool & natural summer side consists of viscose, pure new wool and silk; the warming cashmere deluxe winter side is soft and fluffy thanks to cashmere, lambs wool and silk.


versa excellence belongs to the premium products in terms of quality. The LGA has confirmed this in comprehensive tests. In addition to this, the mattresses are certified in accordance with the Eco Test Standard 100 and are CFC free.

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Integrated sleeping system

Swissflex creates the integrated sleeping system with Synchron Precision® through the exact uniformity of mattress and spring system and their precise interaction.

The versa excellence mattresse and the uni 20 spring systems create an innovative sleeping concept for perfect body alignment in all positions.

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