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Experience pure relaxation with the Swissflex soundboard. The sound system can be integrated in the headboard of the swissbed silhouette and swissbed expression. That way, the soundboard is invisible - but fills your bedroom with wonderful sounds. Make yourself comfortable in bed and let your favourite music entice you to dream. Or use the powerful bass as motivation to get up in the morning. You can connect the soundboard to all common mobile devices via Bluetooth and two AUX inputs to play your favourite songs and playlists. Look forward to relaxation with musical accompaniment!


Invisible sound system

Would you like to be woken up by music in the morning and relax in the evening with your favourite songs? Then use the integrated soundboard from Swissflex! This sound system built into the headboard does not take up any space in your bedroom, nor does it disrupt the overall visual impression of your place of well-being. Enjoy the wonderful look of your bed and let yourself be spoilt by relaxing sounds at the same time!

Easy to use

The Swissflex soundboard can be conveniently operated via all common mobile devices. For example, you can connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly to the sound system via Bluetooth. Alternatively, two AUX inputs are available. You can then play your music and adjust the volume via the mobile device.

Waking up gently

Does the ringing of your alarm clock jolt you out of sleep in the morning? There is another way! Thanks to the Swissflex soundboard, you can let yourself be woken up by the songs of your choice. Soft melodies or cheerful songs make waking up much more pleasant and will certainly give you the necessary motivation to get out of your comfortable bed in a good mood.

Technical features


2 x 50 W loudspeaker
2 x 25 W subwoofer


Bluetooth / 2 AUX outputs

Installation options:

Headboard silhouette and expression
With two-piece XL headboard from 140 cm width
(not possible with leather look cover / leather natura cover)