The Effects of a Light Sauna

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18. January 2024

Have you ever tried a light sauna? Especially in winter, an extensive light bath can prove beneficial. When the gray, gloomy weather makes us lethargic and tired, light therapy can revitalize body and mind. But how exactly does a light sauna work and what effect do the different shades of light have on us? We have the answers.

Why do we need more light in winter?

Suffering from winter blues? Then a light sauna could finally put an end to your listlessness. Many people struggle with a depressed mood and an increased need for sleep, especially in the darker months of the year. This lack of energy can mainly be explained by a lack of natural sunlight. While the sun's rays encourage us to go outside in summer, we spend most of our time indoors in winter. And when we do venture outside, the sky is usually cloudy. The lack of UV radiation makes it difficult for our bodies to produce enough vitamin D. A deficiency of the sun vitamin can result in muscle pain, listlessness and a depressive mood. This makes it difficult for us to function in everyday life. One of the most innovative ways to compensate for the lack of light in winter is to use a modern light sauna.

What is a light sauna?

Most people know what a sauna is. Perhaps you too have already had a positive experience with a soothing sauna bath. However, a light sauna is not just about making you sweat. Instead, its effectiveness is based on the use of artificial light which has a relaxing effect on body and mind. A light sauna is usually offered in conjunction with a bio sauna. This makes it ideal for beginners and people with circulatory problems, as the temperatures in the sauna remain in the low range of 45-65°C. For comparison: in a "normal" sauna, the room is usually heated to 80-100°C.  

For light therapy, a special sauna lamp is used in a light sauna, which can be set to different light tones. Different colors have different effects on the body and mind, so that the light therapy can be individually adapted to the needs of the user. The intensity of the radiation in a light sauna can also be regulated and adapted to your own wishes.

paar in der lichtsauna

What are the benefits of light therapy?

A light sauna can effectively counteract low moods in winter. It is balm for our psyche, as the different colors create different moods. Depending on the chosen shade, the sauna lamp can produce both calming and stimulating light, thus improving the user's mood. For your body and mind to benefit from the positive effects of colored light therapy, you need to choose the right shade for you. But how do you know which light color is best for you?

Which light color should I choose?

Mood enhancement, deep relaxation and vitalization - now that you know the benefits of a light sauna, you will definitely want to try it out for yourself. It's helpful to familiarize yourself with the different effects of the various colors beforehand. That way, the next time you visit the sauna, you'll know exactly how best to relax.


Yellow light is good for the nerves and our soul. Especially those who suffer from a depressed mood in winter benefit from the positive mood-lifting effect. But yellow light can do more than just banish melancholy. It also promises relief for various physical illnesses such as asthma, cystitis or gastrointestinal problems.


Do you suffer from tension, lack of energy and muscle cramps? Then orange is the color of choice for you. Orange light can also have a soothing effect on metabolic and kidney disorders. The color has a similar effect on our mood as yellow - it puts us in a good mood and stimulates our senses.

lichtsauna orange


If you feel particularly lethargic in winter, red light can boost your vitality. Red stimulates blood flow and has a stimulating effect on body and soul. In addition to a lack of energy, red light can be used to treat other illnesses such as wound healing disorders, acne or gout.


No other color has such a calming effect on our soul as green. Green sauna light not only promises deep relaxation for the psyche, but also allows us to recharge our batteries. The regenerating green light has a particularly positive effect on the lungs and bronchial tubes. A green light sauna can prove invigorating, especially after a cold. The green light helps us to regain inner balance in the event of stress, anger and inner turmoil.


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the color blue? It's probably a bright sky or a deep lake. Blue light allows our soul to come to rest. Its relaxing effect makes it ideal for anyone who has trouble falling asleep in the evening. Because blue gives us more peace and serenity, it is also beneficial for relieving pain and combating inflammation.


Do you just want to relax in the sauna and take a little break from your everyday life? Then purple or golden light is perfect for you. You can concentrate entirely on relaxing and enjoy the beneficial effect of the light on your body and mind.

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