Swissflex cold foam mattress

Swissflex cold foam mattress – individual relaxation

Experience individual relaxation on a cold foam mattress from Swissflex. The 100% Gomtex® comfort foam gives the foam mattress its adaptability and breathability. Let yourself be pampered night after night by the lying comfort and enjoy a good night's sleep!

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The Swissflex® versa 24 Evo Swiss foam mattress is the perfect choice for anyone who places highest demands on their sleeping comfort. Thanks to the innovative core made of 100% EvoPore foam, you not only secure top-class lying comfort, but also a sustainable mattress that is easier to recycle.

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The Swissflex® versa 26 Evo Swiss premium mattress offers best conditions for relaxed sleeping comfort. Thanks to its core being made of 100% high-quality EvoPore foam, the 7-zone foam mattress flexibly adapts to your body contours and also enables an easier recycling process.

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Features of cold foam mattresses

Innovative Gomtex® comfort foam

In the versa 24 Gomtex® foam mattress, the innovative Gomtex® comfort foam is used. This is quality you can feel! The highly elastic foam allows a flexible adjustment to your body contours. As the lying surface adapts to your body, you can enjoy restful sleep in a variety of sleeping positions.

The open-pored Gomtex® foam is also very breathable. Air can easily circulate through the mattress core, so that the cold foam mattress offers you a pleasant sleeping climate. The air and moisture transport also contributes to a high level of hygiene. The material itself is very hygienic as well, as it is highly resistant to bacteria and mould.

Benefits of cold foam mattresses

Cold foam mattresses offer numerous benefits and are therefore suitable for different types of sleepers, be it stomach sleepers, side sleepers or back sleepers. The lying comfort, but also the hygienic features of mattresses with cold foam are impressive.

Cold foam mattresses have the following benefits:

  • Strong body support
  • Flexible adaptability
  • Good hygiene
  • Easy handling


High-quality cold foam mattresses provide good support, so that important areas of the body are reliably relieved and you can relax from head to toe. The lying zones of the mattress help to increase the adaptability of the cold foam. The individual zones are precisely adapted to the needs of the body. This means that you can lie comfortably and sleep peacefully in a wide variety of sleeping positions.

The open-pored cold foam allows air to circulate very well through the core of the mattress, so that you can enjoy a balanced sleeping climate. It also allows moisture to escape from the body and maintains a high level of hygiene.

Thanks to their usually light weight, cold foam mattresses are easy to handle. You can comfortably turn and flip the mattress to further enhance its durability. Models with a removable mattress cover are also suitable for allergic people, as the cover is washable. Regular care ensures a high level of bed hygiene, which is particularly valuable for those who suffer from allergies.

Intelligent core structure of the cold foam mattress

The Swissflex foam mattress versa 24 Gomtex® has an intelligent core structure to give people with different sleeping habits a personal comfort experience. The cold foam core is divided into seven ergonomic zones. While the head and foot areas are given medium support, the back in particular requires strong support. The mattress therefore feels very firm in this area. The shoulder zone, on the other hand, softens slightly under the pressure of the shoulder. This facilitates an ergonomic posture of the body and prevents tension.

The inner elements of the cold foam mattress contribute to the high degree of adaptability through their special shape. They also increase the point elasticity of the foam mattress. This means that the body is relieved where the greatest pressure occurs. In areas where the body exerts little pressure on the mattress, the lying surface provides good support.

The foam layers on both sides of the lying surface have an intelligent cube cut to create a point-elastic surface that adapts to the body.

Buy a cold foam mattress and choose your individual lying comfort

With Swissflex your comfort is in your own hands! When you buy your new cold foam mattress, you choose the degree of firmness to suit your needs and requirements. There are two degrees of firmness to choose from: soft or firm. Do you want to be pampered by feeling like you are sleeping on clouds? Then the soft firmness degree will certainly suit you well. Would you rather enjoy strong support? That is exactly what a firm foam mattress will provide you with.

When buying your cold foam mattress, please note that the choice of firmness is also influenced by body weight and physique. The higher the weight, the firmer the mattress should be. This ensures that the mattress provides reliable support even under high pressure. With a matching slat base, you can be sure of an all-round comfortable sleeping surface for restful nights!