Swissflex pocket spring mattress

Swissflex pocket spring mattress – sleeping comfort that matches you

With a Swissflex pocket spring mattress you enjoy adaptable lying comfort – that is how individual well-being should be! The pocket spring core nestles flexibly against your body contours and supports you gently so that your body can relax from head to toe and you wake up with a refreshed feeling. Experience the luxury of a Swissflex pocket spring mattress for yourself!

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Features of pocket spring mattresses

Benefits of pocket spring mattresses

Thanks to their many benefits, pocket spring mattresses offer top-class sleeping comfort and are suitable for different sleeping types. You can look forward to wonderful relaxation all year round and being fit for everyday life.

Pocket spring mattresses are characterised by the following features:

  • Flexible body adjustment
  • High point elasticity
  • Excellent breathability

A core of pocket springs gives the pocket spring mattress not only its name, but also its high point elasticity. The pocket spring core softens where pressure is exerted on the lying surface. That way, you will not feel as if you were lying in a hammock! Instead, the mattress adapts to the shape of your body. Body areas that exert less pressure are reliably supported. This is important for the spine or neck, for example. Shoulders and hips, on the other hand, can easily sink into the pocket spring mattress and are thus pleasantly relieved. The division into seven lying zones additionally increases the comfort for each body area.

A further advantage of pocket spring mattresses is their breathability. The pocket spring core consists of spiral springs which are placed in pockets made of thin fabric. The fabric pockets connect the springs to each other and create the point-elastic lying surface. The springs provide sufficient space to allow air to circulate freely through the mattress core. This allows heat and moisture to be conducted away from the body so that you benefit from a balanced sleeping climate. Relaxed nights await you in every season!

Swissflex pocket spring mattress for the individual well-being

Individual well-being is very important for good sleep. If you feel completely comfortable and can adopt a comfortable sleeping position, it is much easier to fall asleep and sleep through the night. The pocket spring core of the Swissflex pocket spring mattress reacts flexibly to your movements during sleep, so that pure relaxation is possible in a wide variety of sleeping positions. A foam core layer ensures a good connection between body and spring core - with Swissflex you even benefit from two innovative materials! On each side of the lying surface, the mattress versa excellence has a 2 cm high top layer.

Soft Gomtex® blue foam on one side of the mattress provides you with a relaxing, comfortable experience and contributes to the good climate regulation of the mattress. The breathable gel foam enables a balanced temperature and is therefore suitable for restful nights in all seasons.

Turn the pocket spring mattress over and experience the luxury of the latex top layer. It is characterised by its high point elasticity. The result is a supple lying feeling with pleasant pressure relief. So nothing stands in the way of a great feeling in the morning!

Choose the firmness of your pocket spring mattress yourself

Reliable support, a balanced lying sensation or gentle comfort? With Swissflex you simply choose the degree of firmness and thereby the comfort experience of your pocket spring mattress yourself! The Swissflex mattress versa excellence is available in three different degrees of firmness: soft, firm and extra firm.

The soft degree of firmness is best suited for people who want a soft, pressure-relieving lying sensation. If you wish to enjoy more body support, however, the firm mattress is the right choice. The pocket spring mattress in extra firm is particularly resilient. This makes this version ideal for people with a higher body weight.

Of course, you can also choose the size of your pocket spring mattress to suit your bed. In addition to the standard lengths of 190 cm and 200 cm, you can also order your mattress in excess lengths of 210 cm or 220 cm. The width of the lying surface ranges from 80 cm to 200 cm. Experience comfort just like you want it!